People Underestimate the Value of a Good Ramble

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being in Sync

I had to help my husband set up his second gmail account with his phone.

ME:  OK, it's set up and it's syncing.

HIM: Sinking  in what? What's sinking?

ME: The phone is syncing.

HIM: What? A boat is sinking?

ME: No! Syncing, not sinking. Syncing.

HIM: I don't get it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Distracted Driving or Ordinary Life?

I read an article yesterday morning about a Federal investigation on cell phone use in cars that is recommending more state-wide bans on the use of electronic devices while driving. Not just hand held use, all use.  Of course, we have that where I live, cause this is New York (the "we like to take away ALL of your liberties State") and they put such a ban into effect already. (We were also among the first to institute helmet laws and mandatory seat belt use. My wearing or not wearing a seat belt only concerns my safety, so why do they even care? I mean, maybe I WANT to get thrown out of the car and die by smashing my head on the pavement. What's it to you, bud??)

I found this article interesting, because several years ago when cell phone use really became more popular and they first decided that we could not use our hands, but needed some sort of additional hands-free mechanism to use our phones, I cried foul. For one thing, I'm pretty sure that was all just a stunt by cell-phone lobbyists to get us to all buy even more junk with our phones.  Added to that, I always contended that it was the actual use of the phone, that is the carrying on of a conversation that's distracting. I mean once you dial that part is complete and you're just talking. The same way you'd chat with someone sitting in the car next to you.

So I thought if they are going to stop us from talking on our cell phones, they should probably also discourage having any additional people in the car with us. Cause, honestly, is there anything more distracting than a 2-yr old throwing McDonald's french fries at the back of your head while you're driving? Clearly the kids have got to go, along with any other passengers.  Also, the radio is a distraction, what if you're singing along and not concentrating on where you're going? And then smoking should be banned, too, cause it's not hands free.

What about all those controls we have to operate which cause us to remove our hands from the wheel, like opening and closing windows or windshield wipers or turning on the lights.  Of course, cars these days do have daytime running lights, so I guess they took care of that one.

Also, what about my GPS, cause it's in my phone and if I'm gonna find my way around, I'm absolutely going to need to touch my phone.  Of course, I could just unfold a huge road map and hold it in front of me, kinda propped on the wheel, while I'm driving.  Cause that's safe.

Look, what I'm saying here is that, yes, cell phones are distracting when you drive, but so is life. Some people can handle it, some can't.  There was also a story yesterday about a police office in Florida who ran his car up a pole because he looked down to pick up a dropped pen.  As far as I know, there is no evidence his cell phone was even on at the time.

These things happen. People, in general, need to be more careful, but I'm not sure that cell phone use alone is the main reason for most car accidents.

I'm just saying.