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Friday, June 6, 2014

The UK Trip...Fish Pedicures are a Real Thing

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By lunch time on Thursday, after our lovely drive down the coast, we reached Durham and met up with another one of my invisible friends, @WatcherMark.

We look adorable, don't we?

We had something to eat and then wandered around Durham, which is old. I mean, old.


This is underneath an extremely old bridge. Like really, really old. Like 1000 years old. So crazy.

Here's another castle we glimpsed from afar. We seriously had no luck with castles in the UK.

Bad news, guys...this is the coffin of St. Nicholas. So,  um, Santa is dead.

And then this happened.

I am sooooo ticklish. Extremely, extremely ticklish. It was such a very weird feeling. I can't even really describe it. Sort of like little tiny fish nibbling on your toes. Yes, exactly like that.

This little walkway somehow looks wider in the picture than it was. It was very narrow. Two people could not walk next to each other unless they were both Twiggy. And maybe not even then.

And that was our whirlwind trip to Durham, cause we had plans to be in York by dinner time. So we bid Mark* a fond farewell and hit the road once again.

*Be sure to check out Rogue Demon Hunters for an upcoming podcast of Buffy ep Earshot where Mark and I guest host together

Next up....York is also very old., maybe even older than Durham