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Friday, January 21, 2011

Phones Are Smarter Than People

As I may have mentioned, we just got new phones. My husband started out as one of those people who didn't think he needed a cell phone. He held out for a while, but eventually gave in. Of course, this was years and years ago. I'm sort of a techie person, so I like to have things.

In any case, once he had a cell phone, he didn't want a belt clip or anything like that.  Too Star Trek for him. Like having a phone clipped on your belt is some sort of pocket protector that proclaims you a geek.

Then, even though I upgraded to a smart phone more than two years ago, he was happy with a more basic model.  He carries it in his pocket. (Which is exactly why he dropped one phone into a can of paint and, later, put the same phone through the wash. But that's another post.)

So this time, when I was ready to upgrade once more, he again stuck by wanting a regular phone.  He was also going to need a Day Runner, he told me, to keep track of all his appointments in his new job.  I tried to tell him that with a smart phone, he could put all his appointments into his calendar and they would be on the phone and on his computer's Google Calendar.  But he had to have a real Day Runner, you know, to write things down and carry around with him.

I patiently explained that since he already carried his cell phone, this way he didn't have to carry around another book, too.  He didn't care. What if I lost the phone, he asked me?  Well, I told him, if you lose the phone, your appointments and all your contacts have already synced with the computer, so you still have everything you need. If you lose a Day Runner, it's all gone for good.  He didn't believe me.  He didn't think it would work.

But ignored him and got him the G2.

The first thing he did was put an appointment into his phone's calendar and then he went to look at his Google Calendar.  Wow, surprisingly, I was right. It did work.

He hasn't mentioned buying a Day Runner since Wednesday.

He's even talking about getting a blue tooth. I'm guessing a belt clip is not far behind.

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