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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Dog By Any Other Name

So, things are going well with the puppy. Mostly. She still has no name.

I call her Baby, my husband calls her Dog and my mother calls her Buffy. We mostly refer to her as "no, the other one" cause my mother is always asking "Is that Bella?" I guess her name is Buffy, at this point, since that's the only actual name of the three, but it's not official. She doesn't really come when she's called anyway, so it hardly matters.

We have fewer in house accidents and most of those are my fault. She doesn't know enough to tell us yet.

Oh, and you know how they say a dog won't pee in their bed. Just another fairy tale. She's managed to pee on all three beds in our house, one of them twice.

Also, she's learning a lot. She's learned that she can go behind the couch, under the beds, back inside the space under my desk and other small, dusty, dirty places where it's impossible for any one of us to reach her.


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