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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes My Husband is Right

I was planning on making pancakes for breakfast this morning.  It's been weeks since my husband and I have both been home and had a whole day to ourselves.  Well, when we weren't feeling sick anyway.  Seriously, we got sick around New Year's and stayed that way for all of January and a good portion of February, while dealing with lots of other stuff, like his traveling to Florida for 2 weeks and then his daughter and her husband coming up to visit for a long weekend and, you know, stuff.

So anyway I asked him what kind of pancakes he wanted. I was thinking of cornmeal Johnny cakes or oatmeal and cinnamon or something like that, hearty and delicious.  He said, why don't you make crepes?

This was such an amazingly good idea, I couldn't believe it came from him.

So I set out to make crepes with a cream cheese filling.  I make it with lemon zest and a hint of nutmeg. But then I made the mistake of asking him what kind of filling he wanted and he said custard. Wow! Two great ideas in one morning. So there was vanilla custard as well.

I usually like to make a fruit compote to put over the crepes as well, and I generally make blueberry cause I almost always have frozen blueberries. I just like them is all. But I had just cleaned out the freezer yesterday and realized that I still had a nice big bag of strawberries that I had frozen from the summer. Somehow, they just never got all used up.  So this time, I made a strawberry compote and it was amazingly lovely.

In order to keep them all separate, I spread the cream cheese on some crepes and folded them into quarters and then filled others with custard and rolled them up.  I even made a couple that had both strawberries and custard and they were sooooo good.  No really, my husband said they were exactly what strawberries and cream should taste like and he was right. Again. So that's weird.

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