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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol: The Top 13 Proves They Are Not Stevie And Whitney

I'm fast-forwarding through American Idol tonight, cause I'm not even starting the show until 10 pm and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Tonight it's the 400th episode. This is not something I care about. Anyway, the guys will be singing Stevie Wonder songs and the girls songs from Whitney Houston. You remember Whitney, right? The person whose songs they tell them to never, ever sing. But I guess Idol had to do something to cash in on her recent death.  So Jimmy Iovine sits in with Mary J. Blige to give these kids some actual real constructive advice and criticism.

Joshua Ledet - I Wish - I think he was really good, but I have to be honest. I missed a lot of it, cause my mother had to call me in the middle to continue an earlier disagreement that was between her and my niece. Seriously.  The judges all loved it, but they don't seem to do any actual judging these days, so how can you tell?

Elise Testone - I'm Your Baby, Tonight - Either I don't know this Whitney song or I don't recognize it the way she's singing it, but I don't hate it, so that's a good.  A couple of those notes sound like they aren't quite hitting the way they should, but she seems to have the right feel for it, if not the exact right pitch and timing.

Jermaine Jones - Knocks Me Off My Feet - I'm not sure I know this song either, which is weird, since Stevie and Whitney are right in my musical time zone.  I don't really care for Jermaine's voice that much. I mean, it's OK and everything, but I just feel like he's going to be doing the same thing over and over and over again. But then Ruben Studdard did that he won, so what do I know?

Erika Van Pelt - I Believe In You And Me - It started out too low for me; her voice sounded like a man.  But she brought it up where it needed to be and it really kicked in. I thought that was good, but not amazing.

Colton Dixon - Lately - I was not a fan of Colton coming into this thing tonight, but that was really good. I knew the song, but he did such a great job of making it his own, it could be his first single.  He might go further than I thought he would.

Shannon Magrane - I Have Nothing - This song is just way too big for anyone who isn't Whitney Houston. It's swallowing this little girl whole. (Even if she is 6 feet tall.) I won't even mention the flat notes and terrible timing. She should go home after that, but since the night is only half over, maybe some other girl will be worse.

DeAndre Brackensick - Master Blaster - The 70's seem to be this kids wheelhouse, what with his falsetto and all, but I'm not sure about this song. He definitely slurred his words a lot. I know the words to this song and I still had a hard time following him. It was OK, but he was already voted off once and he may just have be voted off again after that. Maybe it's just me, cause I really liked him last week way better and he was off, so maybe everyone else will like this week better.

Skyler Laine - Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Skyler says no one can compare to Whitney Houston, which is true, but she says that right after she mentions that she didn't really grow up listening to Whitney, so what does she know about it, exactly? The fact that she plans to turn this into a country ballad makes me want to vomit. Seriously, just lose the twang for one song, OK? In any case, she did really nail all the notes and was completely in tune, which is actually a huge plus on this show. But I still hated it.

Heejun Han - All In Love Is Fair - OK, I'm over this kid being a comedian. Can he just shut up and sing now? Anyway, talk about slurring your words, he's the chief offender of just dropping off the ends of words. Look, his voice is smooth and pleasant, but he's doesn't have that much of a range.  He didn't quite hit that high note near the end, but otherwise it was perfect for the easy listening station they play in your doctor's office.

Hollie Cavanagh - All The Man That I Need - Her voice is somehow bigger than she is, but still maybe not quite up to Whitney. But then no one is, really, so I'd have to say she was competent. She hit all the notes and kept to the melody, but she didn't bring any personality to it, that I could see.

Jeremy Rosado - Ribbon In The Sky - He wins the slurred words award. I barely understood one word of that. I like this kid, but if that's his best, he's probably leaving us sooner rather than later. The thing is, he's been way better than that song showed, but he may not get another chance to prove it.

Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You - No one should ever sing this song, ever again. Actually, if Skylar and chosen to do the original Dolly Parton version, it may have been a better idea. I think her biggest mistake is trying to sing it just like Whitney, which is exactly what she's doing. I have news for you, Jessica, even if you win this thing, you will never, ever be Whitney. I completely disagree with the standing ovation judges, cause that was the definition of karaoke.

Phillip Phillips - Superstition - I see that PhillipSquared (as they are calling him on VFTW) is in the pimp spot tonight. But I don't think that's really necessary as he's this year's WGWG (white guy with guitar) and he will definitely go far, whether or not you like him.  My husband just said, "That's a great tune, that's fresh, isn't it? I'd like to hear this on the radio." So he absolutely just made my point about Jessica, that is he took the song and did something with it. So even though he's not my favorite, although I don't seem to have an actual favorite yet, just people I hate less than I hate other people, he was one of the best of the night.

If I'm sending three people home tonight, it would be Shannon, Jeremy and Jermaine. But I'd bet Elise is going before one of those guys, cause she's in the second place death spot and they gave her bad reviews.

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