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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling, Just Not In Love

I fell yesterday.

On my face.

I'd post pictures but, really, no one wants to see this. My nose took the worst of it, which I suppose is actually a good thing, cause it could have been ankle and then I'd be unable to walk or drive, or my wrist and then I'd be unable to type, which would be the worst thing, cause then I couldn't work. Or blog.

So if I had to break something, for the first time ever in my entire life (and I'm closing in on 50 at such an alarming rate, that by May, I'll be able to count the months using just my fingers and toes), I guess my nose isn't a bad place to start.

I don't really know that it's broken. It's swollen quite a bit, and bruised looking, and a bit rug burned. But it may not actually be broken. It doesn't look crooked or anything like that. As a matter of fact, it looks straighter than before, if that's possible. My husband, who has absolutely no sympathy for me whatsoever, said I basically just got a free nose job. (He's only disappointed that no one took video of the event. But it happened so fast there wasn't really time. Plus, I was with all adult women who don't really think about things like that in time, the way guys and younger people tend to.)

I think it makes me look like some sort of strange woodland creature. Like Avatar maybe, cause my nose is swollen wide across the bridge, so it brings my eyes closer together and, because of the swelling and bruising around my eyes, they look sort of smaller and hooded.

So this is me, only with a more purply, redish area on the bridge of my nose and dark, dark circles under my eyes:

But the miserable expression is the same.

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