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Saturday, June 16, 2012

To Duet or Not to Duet

Now that American Idol is over, there's a huge gap in my life that apparently needs to be filled with a bad karaoke singing competition, so I thought  (since my husband is working nights and can't stop me) I'd give the new singing show Duets on ABC a try.

I've watched the first few eps now and I have to say I don't really get it.

I mean, I understand the show, but I don't get why they chose the "celebrities" they chose and why those same celebrities chose who they chose to sing with.  The reason I've put celebrities in quotes is cause, honestly, I couldn't have picked one of them out of a line up and I could not name one song that any of them sings.  OK, that's not entirely true, I did sing a Kelly Clarkson song at a wedding once. But I don't remember the name of it.

Also, the first week, I didn't recognize any of the songs. Although, since then, I probably know about half of them. At least American Idol sticks with songs from the 80's, or songs covered in the 80's, or songs from the 80's covered today.

Beyond that, having the competitors voting for each others choices, doesn't even make sense. Cause clearly, if they are thinking straight, they will award lower votes to the better artists, to get rid of the best competition so they can win. Right? Amiright?

I guess at some point, America gets to vote, but I seriously doubt anyone will still be watching by then. I feel like I barely know the contestants at all, since they are only allowed about 3 mins of screen time each (2-hour) episode and most of that is during their duet with the raging egomaniacs celebrity mentors that are their partners.

And for another thing, these randoms picked up off the street can't help but sound amateur next to their "celebrity" duet partners, cause, they just can't.

I'm giving it another week. Maybe.

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