People Underestimate the Value of a Good Ramble

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wasting Time and Taking Names

Sometimes it feels like I should apologize, or at least feel guilty, for not posting more often. But since I just keep this blog for myself and since most of what I share here is pointless anyway, you should be be thanking me for not wasting your time.

Seriously, I read a lot of blogs where people just feel like they have to blog every day or whatever, and then just post lots of nothingness, which I read, expecting that it will mean something at some point.  But it never does and then my time has been wasted. I hate wasting time. So I'm really doing you a favor by only posting my own bits of nothingness once or twice a month.

Of course, if I had chosen to watch American Idol this year, I'd be driving (all ten of) you insane with my twice weekly absurd recaps that you almost have to be watching the show at the same time to understand.

So, you're welcome.

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