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Monday, March 4, 2019

I Stand With Jeremy

I may be sorry about this later but I just have to speak out. 

I never really paid much attention to YouTube unless I wanted to look up a music video, you know?  But then recently I started watching some channels regularly. It all started with Doctor Who, I wanted to see what other people thought about the last series. But that's another story.  In any case, one thing lead to another and somehow I ended up subscribed to a channel called Geeks+Gamers.  I've never really been a gamer (although it sounds like something I'd dig) but I've pretty much always been a geek. 

The guy that runs the show over there is named Jeremy (@DDayCobra).  I don't know him, I've never met him and probably never will.  But over the past few days I've watched something just insane happening, right in front of me.  Jeremy has made the incredibly, incomprehensibly, stupid error of expressing his opinion on the internet. I know, right??  How dare he!  And worse, his opinions, although quite passionate, don't necessarily adhere to mainstream beliefs.  Therefore he must be put to death.

Or at least that seems to be what's happening.  I've been witness to so many people just randomly attacking him over a difference of opinion.  Newsflash, he's allowed to say what he thinks.  I know nowadays that sounds like heresy, but at least for now, we still have freedom of speech in this country.  We are free to believe what we want and talk about it.

All this nonsense is happening over a movie.  A movie...did that sink in? People are so unhappy that he doesn't like a movie they feel the need to get in his face and be jerks about it.  So you may ask why aren't those people free to say what they think?  They absolutely are, but not if they make it a personal attack.  I had a teacher who used to say that your freedom to swing your fist, ends when you hit someone in the face.

If people want to support something, they are free to get their own YouTube channel and do it.  But expressing an opinion and supporting what you believe in, don't call for personal attacks on others.  Do I agree with everything Jeremy says?  Of course not, that would be insane.  But somehow that's what people seem to think should happen.  We don't all have to agree, people.  We can, however, get along, we can discuss and debate issues, without being ignorant buffoons.

Jeremy doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him, he's well able to do that and has been doing it wonderfully.  In fact many of the people who first attacked him ran and hid when he responded in kind. Tweets were deleted, accounts were made private, people were blocked.  Those people seem to be so surprised that they didn't get away with being idiots.  If you start a fight you should be ready to get hurt, cause some people hit back.  And rightly so. 

I'm not trying to start a fight here, but I'm ready to hit back if needed.  All I really wanted to say was that I stand with Jeremy.


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