People Underestimate the Value of a Good Ramble

Monday, August 20, 2012

More Vacation Stuff

This is a little something my great nephew, Joey (bag of donuts), aged 2 yrs 10 mos, built. We like to call it Joehenge.

This is just something he built with his books on the pew at church last night. But, seriously, is this kid gonna be an architect or what?

A few seconds of me recording the beach and the surf. From the way I'm waving the camera around, you'd think I'd been drinking, but I promise, I'm totally sober. And oh, look, I have feet!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Back from vacation. Why is it that a week when you are working goes soooo slow, but vacation time flies by and you can't believe it when you're already home again?

So here's what happened....

Almond Joy ice cream from Castle Custard. This happened a lot.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Who's Hungry?

Turkey burger with caramelized onions and smoked pepper jack cheese on a toasted wheat bun with herb mayo.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm starting to get a little concerned.  Our vacation is only a week away and I'm not sure my husband will be able to go. Since it's a family thing and about a dozen other people will be there, coming and going, all week, maybe this doesn't seem like a huge issue. But to me it is.  I mean, here we've paid for a week's vacation - and believe me for what we're getting with this cottage, we've paid more than enough - and he won't even be able to enjoy it. Oh, and right...I'll be there all alone. With no vehicle and hence will  be stranded on a cottage at the beach in the middle of no and where. (Which isn't actually a bad thing if you have the ability to leave it should you so desire. It's less good when you're trapped.)

But why, you ask, why can't he go?  Well, you see, last year when we went on vacation in August, he took the week off from work and when he came back, it turned out that there was no more work for him until June of this year. So if he's only going to work for three months of the year, he needs to be working.

Of course, when you say it like that, it makes sense that if he's going to be off for the next 9 months, why don't we just go on vacation then,?  But, and I can't stress this enough, this is the stupid family vacation we go on every year and I have to book it a year in advance.

We don't even want this week. We want the week of Labor Day, but we couldn't get our cottage that week - not for the past three years, actually, but that's another story - so we had to take this week.

So now, here we are Or here we aren't. Or maybe just here I am. Alone, on vacation without my husband. (But did I mention the entire rest of my family will be there?)

I need a vacation.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

WOO! HOO! New Doctor Who Trailer

I get this excited about new Doctor Who every year. Seriously. Since, like, 1978.

But, honestly, doesn't this look AWESOME???!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime

The difference between Summer and can get ice cream all year long, but you only get a custard twist in the Summertime.