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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Idol Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Getting ready for Top 11 Redux on American Idol tonight. It’s also Elton John night and I love how they said there wouldn’t be restrictive theme nights this year. Then they went ahead and had these restrictive themes.

That’s Idol, always doing the stupid thing.

As usual, I’m starting late so I can fast-forward through commercials and other stuff….and…um, say what’s going on with Ryan’s hair?

I’m a little surprised about Elton John night, cause they haven’t done one since season 3, I believe, when he called them racist for having the three divas in the B3. I guess since J Hud has her Oscar now, all is forgiven.

So, let’s get right on to the singing…

Scotty McCreery: Country Comfort – Well, I could have called that one since Scotty only sings country music and Elton only had like two country-ish songs off his country album that only his most die hard fans have heard.

Naima Adedapa: I'm Still Standing - I like reggae, but I didn't like that. If she wanted to sing a song with a reggae feel, why not just sing Island Girl. Granted that song is about prostitution, but most people probably have no idea what the lyrics are anyway. Besides, shouldn't Casey have sung this song? Naima should go home now.

Paul McDonald: Rocket Man - I would never have called this one for Paul, maybe James, but not Paul. I think I was right, too, cause that wasn't good. His phrasing was all over the place and sounded kinda awkward, plus his voice got a bit lost. He would have been better on Sad Songs Say So Much or Tiny Dancer. But did he ask me? No!

Pia Toscano: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Right, she's singing another ballad. Color me completely unsurprised. But maybe that's her strategy. Tell America every week that the next week you'll sing something up tempo, but keep singing ballads. That way they keep you around to hear you do something different. The fact is, Pia has a great voice, so singing the ballads isn't really a bad thing. Look at Carrie Underwood, she was boring and just stood there singing the same type of song every week. And she won.

Did Pia just give away the theme for next week?

Stefano Langone: Tiny Dancer - It wouldn't be my first choice for Stefano and it's not one of my favorite Elton songs, but he sounded good. Stefano is basically always on tune and his voice has a very nice sound. There's no bad here.

I've just realized that I've put down all the Idols' names and I only have ten. I've forgotten someone. And I have no idea who, even as I'm looking over the list. That can't be good.

Lauren Alaina: Candle in the Wind - I actually thought of this one for Scotty, cause I figured it could be given a country twist. I'm so over Lauren. Even though every one seemed to like that - a lot - it was just kinda OK for me.

James Durbin: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - My friend Sandy picked this one for James and it's probably a good call for him. There aren't too many words and he can basically scream "Saturday" over and over and over again. Plus, they gave him real flames, so they clearly like him and it doesn't matter what he does. As usual, the judges like him so much more than I do. My husband's take on it, "that was cool."

I had no idea what he meant about having a Pepsi moment, so my husband explained it to me. Look, I have lots of thoughts and I can't keep every single memory of stuff that happened in the past in my head, so I honestly didn't remember that Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire during a Pepsi commercial.

Thia Megia: Daniel - Great, more boring songs for Thia. Actually, I figured she'd sing something from the Lion King. I love how she slowed it down so she could be even more boring than usual. I honestly feel sorry for her, cause she has a lovely voice and they probably should have told her to try out in a couple of years when she's learned to have a personality.

Casey Abrams: Your Song - I wasn't sure this was going to be a good choice for Casey, but the more he let it build, the more I liked it. It was a great decision to do something so quiet and laid back to show America that he can really sing. Plus, it was definitely time to clean up the beard and hair. I'm pretty sure he'll survive the dual elimination this week, just cause of being voted off last week. At least, I hope so.

Jacob Lusk: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - I like Jacob and I like how he changed the song around to really suit him. There were some pitch issues, but it never seems to matter when Jacob sings, cause he just carries you along on his personality. I agree with Randy (and I don't say those words often) that he probably should have used the modulation to go to his "Jacob spot."

Haley Reinhart: Bennie and the Jets - Haley! She's the one I forgot. Uh oh. I kinda thought they would save this song for tomorrow night's group Elton medley. I was thinking more like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for her, but then you don't want to sing a song with the word "goodbye" in it on Idol. This is one of my favorite Elton songs and Haley just made me hate it a little. I used to like Haley, too, so I guess things change.

My bottom three are Naima, Paul and Thia, with an extra side of Haley. I'll be happy to send any two of them home.

I'd even be OK if we sent home all four.

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