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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wild Card Pick The First To Leave on Idol

So after being completely and utterly underwhelmed and often bored by American Idol last night (and when you add in how saddened I was by the fact that these kids are so young that Pia thinks All By Myself is a Celine Dion song, Haley acts like LeAnn Rimes music is classic and Thia has no idea who Charlie Chaplin is - I cried a little actually), you can see why I'm ready for some Adam Lambert to shake things up tonight.  The Fabulousness that is Glambert is exactly what this season needs to make it interesting.

Does anyone know, is Adam the first non-winner (or winner, for that matter) to be asked back to the show two years in a row? If I wasn't so lazy, I'd try to do some research on that.

While I'll admit, this group is probably the most already professional sounding they've ever had, I don't think they are the best. Of course, every year they say this is the best group we've ever had, yada, yada, yada. It's never been true yet. I'd just say they've finally given up trying to find actual raw unknown talent (how many Kelly Clarksons can there be out there anyway) and are just taking the more seasoned performers. Don't even try to tell me these kids haven't been singing, to audiences, for a long while at this point. I won't believe you.

So right now, it's late again, I'm tired and I'm not prepared to deal with any shenanigans. Once again, I'm just gonna cut to the chase here by fast forwarding through almost everything.

Wait, Casey's in hospital? Um, why?

So I'm quickly fast forwarding through the beautiful Idol mansion, complete with dorm rooms. Briefly stopping to listen to the MJ medley and then hitting the mute button until it's over.

I did watch the Ford commercial, cause I usually like those, but that song wasn't very melodic, was it?

Onto the eliminations, first up, Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Karen Rodriguez.

Safe, safe and not safe.  I called that.

GLAMBERT!!!!!  Um, where's all the sparkly stuff and exploding cannons?  A stripped down acoustic version of Aftermath....what's that about?  Either way, he's still about a thousand times better than anyone else  up there.

Lauren Alaina, Ashthon Jones and Haley Reinhart are up next.

Safe, not safe and safe.   Please. Oh, I didn't see that.  Both Ashthon and Haley aren't safe.

So I was close with the bottom three: Karen Ashthon and Haley. I was just wrong about Lauren. But that was probably just more about my not liking her than anything else.

I'm fast forwarding through this other guest number. I'm sure all the kids like this stuff now, but I'm not one of them.

Back to the bottom three.  If I'm picking one to leave right now, can it be Ashthon.  Well, Karen is YES!  Ashthon is done. Unless they use the judges' save on her. But that seems very unlikely.  Especially since she agreed that she sang the wrong song and now she's singing it again.

Look, she was a wild card pick anyway, so you know she's basically fodder.

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