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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Many W-2s Can You File With Your Taxes?

I change jobs often. A lot, even.

It's just that I get so bored. That's not to say that I haven't ever been asked to leave once.  Maybe twice.

But seriously, once I reach that stage, the stage where I'm ready to leave, nothing makes it right. I have to leave. Soon.  I try to give every job a fair shot, but nothing holds my interest for too long. And sometimes, it's not even that. Sometimes I just have to get out before bad stuff happens.  I'm not even talking about bad stuff like my killing someone because they need to die. I'm talking about bad stuff happening around me that I want to absolutely stay as far away from as possible.

Maybe I'll even explain that further some day.

Anyway, add in the crummy state of the economy and the fact that we both need to work more than one job at a time, and we tend to pile on the jobs.

My husband and I did a little math and came to the conclusion that for 2011, we already have six W-2's and one 1099 between us. And it's only April.

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