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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casey Abrams, You Put A Spell On Me

Sadly, I'm once again watching American Idol as it airs, so I can't fast forward. I'm not sure why I do this to myself.

OK, please explain to me why the American Idols are going to the British Consulate to celebrate this royal wedding thing. Why do they care about it? Why does anyone care?

Now on to the group Carole King medley. Remember the good old days, like two seasons ago, when this was all pre-recorded? At least then everyone was almost on tune and they did special stuff to make it sound like their voices blended. We didn't have any of that tonight. I'd like to forget all about what I just saw and heard. Please.

Crystal Bowersox. I always liked her. I'm not sure I was thrilled with that song, but I still like her.

After some random and totally unnecessary questions from fans, we get to the elimination part of the elimination show.

Ryan calls them up one at a time.  Haley Reinhart is first. She may be safe this week, but talking back to Jimmy may make her not do so well next ....oh, no, wait, no one cares what you say to Jimmy.

Scotty McCreery is called up next and Ryan doesn't give him his result. Instead he calls up Lauren Alaina. As much as it makes me a bad person to pick on a child, I'd be happy to  have her in the B3, just this once. OK?   She is also asked to take a seat while Ryan continues.  The fourth person called up is Casey Abrams and he has to wait, too.

After the break, we get to re-live what James Durbin sang last night and what the judges said.  He's safe......but wait, this means either Lauren or Scotty  is in the B3. Right? Right??

Last, we have Jacob Lusk and he is joined by Scotty, Lauren and Casey.  And Lauren is safe. What? I can't believe that Scotty is actually in the B3.

Bruno Mars sang. I don't know who he is, but every time I hear his name, I think of Bruce Willis and The Return of Bruno.

Jacob is safe so clearly, Casey is gone. And he is.

I'm not sure I want to watch this show anymore. I stopped watching the year Constantine was voted out at sixth place, too. I may do that this year, cause I honestly don't care about any of these other people.

At all.

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