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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Idol Love Hurts

Up until right now, I wasn't sure I even wanted to keep watching American Idol this season.

This isn't a Casey Abrams thing. Well, if I'm being honest, I should say it's not just a Casey Abrams thing. I didn't expect him to win and I figured he'd be lucky to make Top 5, so I'm not mad about his ouster. (Not too mad anyway.) But now that he's gone, I came to a realization. He was the most interesting thing about this year.

Without Casey, I'm left listening to five people that I don't care about at all. In fact, I actively dislike most of them.

Plus, there's the increasingly ridiculous themes. Now and Then? What does that even mean? It's like there's no point to them anymore.  If they'd let me pick the themes, I think I could do a better job.  In fact, I know I could.

But, clearly, no one listens to me.

Anyway, I was almost not going to watch - I'd even started watching The Voice to have something new - but then I thought, there's only 4 more weeks and I've lived through it to this point. I might as well finish it.

Besides, Sheryl Crowe....who doesn't love her? No, really.

James Durbin: Closer To The Edge, Thirty Seconds to Mars - Nothing will make me like this kid. I just don't get all the judges' praise.  That whole thing sounded like a total off key screamy mess to me.

Jacob Lusk:  No Air, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown - Maybe my ears are off tonight, cause see above about off key screamy messes.  I'm just really over Jacob. He's continually letting his pompous show and it's not pretty.

OK, JLo, let's have a little chat. You can't tell them that they need to just sing the type of songs that they want to record, when you make them follow stupid theme weeks. Cause I don't think he's gonna find a Jordin Sparks song from the 60's for his next foray this evening.

Lauren Alaina: Flat on the Floor, Carrie Underwood - What's scary to me is that so far two of these kids have chosen songs from previous Idol winners, songs that wouldn't have existed without Idol in the first place. Like life imitating art. Or something. In any case, that was more like the Lauren from the beginning, but I still don't like her. Like my husband said, she's just what the world needs, another blond female country singer.

Scotty McCreery:  My husband and I were talking while they announced the song Scotty was singing so I missed it. I don't care enough to back up the DVR to find out. It's some country song. No surprise there. This one is a bit more upbeat than usual, but it's still a country thing.  The two tiny 12 yr old blond backup singers were a bit distracting.

Haley Reinhart: You and I, Lady Gaga - So this isn't the Eddie Rabbitt/Crystal Gayle song. No, it's not. And it's usually a bad idea to do a song that people don't know. But, actually, that wasn't bad, although she still has this weird accent sometimes that I don't get. I disagree with the judges though, cause I honestly thought she was the best so far tonight.

So we're halfway done....thankfully.

James Durbin: Without You, Harry Nilsson - This is a Badfinger song.  Harry Nilsson just covered it.  But none of these kids was alive for either one, so I guess it doesn't really matter. I was so busy proving that I was right about that, that I kinda missed his singing, but I think I hated it. Can I say right now that I'm sick and tired of this kid?? He's so weepy and whiny. If you want to be with your family, quit. Otherwise, shut up and stop trying to get my sympathy vote. I have no sympathy for you.

Jacob Lusk:  Love Hurts, Nazareth -  Now that was more like the Jacob we first came to know. But it's like too little too late, if you ask me.  Also, I'm sitting here and watching Jimmy Iovine and Sheryl Crowe tell Jacob to do exactly the opposite of what the judges have been saying. They're telling these kids to take risks and the judges are saying find your lane and stay in it. No wonder they love Scotty so much. He's never even put on his turn signal once this season.

Lauren Alaina: Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers - My husband said she looks like a Dairy Queen sundae or I Dream of Jeannie.  This song was OK for her, but she didn't really do anything with it or bring anything new to it. Except the little twang and I could have done without that.  Sorry, I'm just not ever going to like her.

Scotty McCreery: Always on my Mind, Elvis Presley - This was originally a Brenda Lee song and I'll bet more people think of it as belonging Willie Nelson than Elvis. But again, I'm nitpicking. Well, I have to have something to do while I'm trying to not listen to the singing. You know what? I didn't hate that. Maybe cause the Willie version came out the year I graduated from high school and since this version closely resembles that version, it makes me remember happy times. You know, when I was young and stupid.

Haley Reinhart: House of the Rising Sun, The Animals - Wow, I almost even liked that. I was especially pleased that she chose to not change the word "boy," cause I hate when they do that.

OK, Haley was clearly the best tonight, but the worst is a little harder to judge, since I pretty much hated the other four. Well, maybe I didn't hate Scotty as much as usual.

So that would make my bottom three Jacob, James and Lauren. I'd like to think Lauren is going home.

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