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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Dog With No Name

While the puppy is still nameless, she has let me take a picture of her. It wasn't easy, but I finally caught her looking right at me. She just doesn't sit still for long. As a result, my phone is filling up with dozens of blurry "action" shots.

We're working on potty training and although she's really smart, she just doesn't seem interested in going potty outside. She must not have ever been trained, I think.

We saw the vet today who said she thinks Baby (the name I'm using until I can convince everyone that there has to be something better) is probably between 6 months and 1 year, so we're calling her birthday December 10, which is the same day as Bella's, only 4 years apart.

The vet also thinks Baby is some sort of mix, although she looks mostly Maltese, she's just a little larger in body frame for a puppy. She weighs 7 1/2 lbs and is in good health. She didn't like getting shots, but she had no problems riding in the car.

She seems to be settling in here really well and the funnest part (yes, funnest is too a word!) is that she seems to be "my" dog. You see, Bambi was always my mom's dog. She spent all her time with mom and followed her around. Bella is my husband's dog, in the most definite way. She guards him and insists on being with him whenever she possibly can. She's been known to wait by the door for him for hours when he goes out.

But Baby is attached to me. So far she's been hanging around me all the time and when I went outside this afternoon to plant the impatiens in my shed's window boxes, she was crying at the door, nearly the entire time. #socute

Uh oh.  I think this blog is about to become the story of Baby.

I'll try not to talk about her too much. You know, sorta.

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