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Friday, June 3, 2011

So What Should We Name Our New Puppy?

She moves too fast to get a good pic. 
We've been wanting another dog. I even wrote a whole post about it back in December, talking about all the dogs I've ever owned and trying to decide if I was ready to go though puppyhood again.  I never posted it, cause it was kinda boring.

So about a week ago, a neighbor asked my husband about Bella, if she was a Maltese and what they are like.  Of course, he waxed lyrical, cause we love Maltese dogs, in general, and our own, in particular. Apparently, the neighbor knew someone who had a 4 month old Maltese puppy they couldn't keep and they were looking to sell her to someone, pretty cheaply.  When my husband heard that he said, we'll take her! But the neighbor wasn't sure, since this was such a great deal, he might want her himself.

So on Saturday, they got her. She definitely not 4 months old. I'm guessing more like 14 months, and she may be a mix with poodle or something slightly larger than a Maltese, cause she's already as long and tall as Bella, who's 4 1/2 years old.

The first day, they seemed happy with her. They have two kids, not little, but pre-teen, who are kinda rough. But that day, they were taking her all over on a leash and showing her off. However, even then, the mother was telling us that did not want a dog and the daughter was saying that she wanted a Chihuahua.  

By Monday, the dog was chained out front for hours, in intense heat and sun, on a short leash. None of us was happy about that, but she wasn't our dog. On Tuesday, it was the same thing. I walked over at one point and she literally jumped up into my arms and started kissing me all over my face. Her water dish was empty, but they were all home and I wasn't sure what to do. Tell them she needs water? Get it for her myself?

My husband was talking with the dad, telling him that Maltese are lap dogs, they want to be with you and they need attention and love. They aren't really the kind of dog you leave tied up outside all day. The dad mentioned that the kids didn't really want a Maltese, they wanted a Chihuahua, so they wouldn't to anything for the dog.  He had to do it all himself.

Wednesday was the same. My mother kept telling me to do something.

That evening, my husband went over to talk to them again. The dad said they really weren't bonding with the dog. Maybe he would sell it to us. For a little more than he paid, of course.

My husband said, fine, how much do you want? I'll give you cash right now if you let me take her. But the dad wasn't sure yet.

Thursday morning the dog was back outside. It was colder and windy. Before he left for work at 3 pm, my husband tried again. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow, he was told.

I watched the dog, outside all afternoon and into the evening. Alone, without food or water. At one point, I was tempted to just go get her and take her home.

I was sleeping when my husband got home from work around midnight. I was woken up by a wet nose in my face. It did not belong to my husband.

When he got home, he saw the dog chained outside, in the dark, shivering, with no food or water, and all tangled up in her leash. We live in a suburban area, but there are known predators, including a fox who often hangs out in our yard at night.

My husband knocked until someone woke up and answered the door. He handed over cash and carried her home.

She's a great dog, high-energy, smart and fast moving. Also, very sweet, friendly and loving. And just the teeniest bit hand shy, but she's quickly learning not to be afraid of us.


Sue Maden said...

This story breaks my heart! It's hard to imagine how people justify their actions sometimes. I'm so thankful you were there (are there), and that you two have liberated the little sweetie and taken her into your hearts and home. As for a name, hmmm...have to think on that a bit. Maybe a Buffy name? Ohhh, maybe Angel :)

Toni said...

The poor thing is still nameless, but I'm hoping to convince my husband that Buffy is a nice name and goes great with Bella. ;)

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