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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Guy Is Definitely Winning American Idol this Year

I'm not watching American Idol on delay tonight, although I wish I was. I like to fast forward through lots of this stuff.  Last night I started 40 mins late and caught up before the end. But tonight I'll have to watch the entire thing live, whether I want to or not.

Chelsea Sorrell - Cowboy Casanova, Carrie Underwood - It always makes me smile a little when I think that to these kids, someone who won this contest previously is considered a big star.  Since we are starting out with a country person, I'd like to hit mute right away cause just her speaking voice is getting on my nerves, but my husband doesn't agree.  I think that was terrible, but my husband said it wasn't that bad.  I think he needs to get his ears checked. Tonight, I'm not even going to bother listening to what the judges have to say, since it's rarely helpful or even relevant.

Erika Van Pelt - What About Love, Heart - She was just OK. There were no big moments in a song that lends itself to creating that sort of glory note thing, and her voice is a little vibrato-y for my taste.  She was like the wedding singer or something.

Jennifer Hirsh - One and Only, Adele  - Her family has a vineyard. Can't she afford to buy her own record contract then? So, Adele doesn't have that many hits, right? I mean they can't just all keep singing her stuff every week, can they? She didn't sound bad and was a bit more interesting that the last two, but that's not saying much.

Brielle Von Hugel - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding - If I didn't hate this chick already for having an overbearing stage mother, I would for this get-to-know-her video clip. Also, she was a cheerleader. Add to that her annoying phrasing and how she says her words, and I'd be happy if I never, ever had to see or hear from her ever again.  Which probably means she's gonna last for a long time.

Hallie Day - Feeling Good, Any Number of People - She's just a little too pretty for her husband, right? I mean we're all thinking it.  Anyway, I hear the Adam Lambert version of this song almost daily on my play list. She just does not compare.  Her voice is weak and her moves are weird. But she's pretty so that will probably save her for a couple of weeks.

Skylar Laine - Stay With Me, Faces -  Does it make me a bad person that I just can't stand this chick's broad southern accent? My husband just said he can barely understand anything she's saying. Once again this is a case of someone picking a song they like, but that really doesn't do their vocal ability any favors. The high note at the end was not really in tune with the song and just sounded wrongly placed. My husband, who likes country music, said "that was nasty, there was nothing good about that."

Baylie Brown - Amazed, Lonestar - I'm about to hear another country singer, aren't I? Why does God hate me so much? That was just like bad karaoke, screechy and pitchy and weak.  The only thing I like about her is her grandfather. But, you know, pretty girls last a while on AI.

Hollie Cavanagh - Reflection, Christina Aguilera - She almost sounds like she might have a speech impediment. Or maybe she's just very young and sorta mumbles like a typical teenager. I'd say her choice of song from Mulan makes her young. Well, that wasn't perfect, but it was probably better than most of what we heard tonight.  She needs some more polish I think, but she was on key, which is half the battle here. She doesn't match up to Christina, but then few really do.

Haley Johnsen - Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics - I missed her get-to-know-me video cause my husband said he just bought ice cream suckers and wanted to know why they weren't in the freezer, cause I put them away and I said I never saw them, so then he wanted me to find the receipt to prove if he really bought them or just thought he did and well, I just got back in time for her to start singing.  Anyway, he was still talking about it while I was trying to listen to her, but either way, I'm pretty sure I would have hated her.

Is it weird for anyone else that the judges loved all over the "beautiful" boys yesterday and are being brutally honest with the less than perfect girls tonight? It's like they just want this year's winner to be another guy.

Shannon Magrane - Go Light Your World, Chris Rice - So I went back and found the receipt for him and my husband did not buy any ice cream suckers. So there. Anyway, Shannon says her dad was a pitcher a long time ago. You know, all the way back in the dark ages of the late 80's through the mid-90s.  My husband said "Shannon Migraine," "why are all the girls so shaky?" and "is this a church song?" I have no answers for him.

Also, why do these children keep talking about what's in their soul? They have no soul yet. I'm sure of it.

Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do, Jennifer Hudson - They want us to feel sorry for Jessica cause she has swollen vocal cords and couldn't rehearse as much as she would have liked before tonight. Somehow, I seriously doubt that. No one gets this far and doesn't rehearse the heck out of their song before this first time before America, one shot, sudden death kind of thing. No one. Anyway, she started out really mumbly, although she did pull off some big notes and growls that probably saved her, although honestly I only understood about one word out of every ten. My husband said she was probably the first real singer up there tonight.

Elise Testone - One and Only, Adele - Seriously, more freaking Adele? No wait, this isn't more Adele, it's THE SAME Adele. Why? I think she did a better job than the other chick who sang THIS SAME SONG tonight, but since I've pretty much forgotten who the other chick was at this point, I'd say the point is moot.

Well, if this is the best America has to offer in way of female contestants, then a guy is definitely winning again this year.  The best two were Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez. And they weren't that great.


Anonymous said...

Dang, Toni! You sure was tuff on them gals.
Y'all have a good day now.


Toni said...

I don't mean to be tougher on the girls than the guys, but I do call it like I see it. To me, none of the girls is much of a stand out yet.

Add to that we have more guys than girls starting out again this year and the fact that little girls like to vote and vote and vote and vote and vote and vote (well, you get the idea) for their favorites and their favorites are generally cute young guys, well, you can see why I think that.

I have a feeling we're up for a fifth year of White Guy With Guitar (can you say Phil Phillips?).