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Monday, April 19, 2010

Death and Memories

My cousin died and we buried her on Thursday. She's the first of my generation to die. There was a very nice write up about her in our local paper.

The funeral was sad, as most are, but made even sadder by the fact that her 87 year old mother was sitting in the front row. Instead of a standard service, the family chose to have certain songs played between prayers. Before one song her husband told a story. Judy had been suffering from dementia for some time. She didn't always remember who she was talking to or what she was talking about, but she remembered all the words to her favorite songs. He would put the songs on and she would sing along. The song he played then was "The Way We Were" and everyone was in tears. In the quiet moment after the song, I heard my little 2 year old great niece whimpering softly, upset by all the weeping around her.

When my sister told her husband to let us know if there was anything he needed, anything at all, he said, "Bring her back."


RachelintheOC said...

I've read the post about your cousin twice now and just feel so sad for you and your family. I'm so sorry, honey. I can tell this is a sad time for you. :(

Thanks for you comment on my blog about my daughter. Humor is how you and I deal with life's difficulties but rest assured I am taking care of things with her.

I know you know that I know you know what I mean. See, there I go again. Ach!

xoxoRachel :)))) mwahs

Toni said...

Thanks, dear! You're right, I do know you know that I know you know what I mean. ;)