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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm a Podcaster...Who Knew?

So I just had the most fun ever.


Through a weird series of circumstances, I was able to guest host (co-host?) on a podcast. I tried to tell my family about it, but they were all like, um, sure, whatever, have fun casting pods.  *sigh*  I don't even know them.

Anyway, it all started on Twitter. Which, when you think about it, is where most things seem to happen these days. I don't remember exactly, but it was when Laura and I were starting our re-watch of Buffy (well, my annual re-watch, her first watch), and either I happened to notice that Rogue Demon Hunters (@RDHPodcast) had just done their review of the same ep we were watching or she noticed me talking about it or something.

We spoke. It was just a thing, but it happened. So then I started listening to the podcast. I liked it. Big surprise.

I mean, it's people talking about episodes of Buffy. In what universe wouldn't I like that?

So then a few weeks ago, another one of my invisible internet friends and I were chatting on Twitter. Jo (@Pussinabox) and I were lamenting those people who call themselves Whedon fans and yet aren't really "in the know," if you will. If you really want to be a Whedonite, people, you have to know a little bit more than just the names of the shows he's written. In this particular instance, it was someone who was, unbelievably, unfamiliar with Jane Espenson.

See? Unbelievable.

Anyway, Nicole (playing the part of RDHPodcast) happened to overhear us chatting, as we went on to comment that maybe the most scary part was how much about Whedon stuff we did know. She then proceeded to invite us both to guest on their podcast and lots of other people jumped in expressing a wish to host and it got a little crazy for a bit.

I was mostly wondering how all of us would fit in one pod.

Unfortunately, Jo couldn't make it, but I could, so the show went on without her. This time.

I plan to tell her what a blast I had so that she can come join me the next time. And I really hope there will be a next time. Mostly cause I have lots and lots and lots to say about Buffy, but I can rarely find an interested audience.

We reviewed what is probably one of the most pivotal episodes in the entire Buffy the Slayer series, Innocence (S02E14). This is the ep that changes everything. And I mean that.

It will probably be up in a couple of weeks, so you should totally, definitely and absolutely look out for it and listen to me ramble on and on and on. I'll bet I sound awesome!  

But either way, remember, it was my first time, so be gentle with me.

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Unknown said...

We had a ton of fun with you joining us. looking forward to recording with you again in the future!