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Thursday, February 17, 2011

And I Don't Mention Simon Cowell At All

It's the group round on American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest tells us, "And some of your favorites will be going home." While that's not entirely true, since I have no favorites and I don't care who goes home, it's still correct. It occurs to me while watching group round, the night of high drama and low meltdowns, that some people come out still looking good while others look like idiots. Sometimes the idiots go on and the good guys don't make it.

To those idiots, I say, sure, you're all excited to make it through now, but just wait until tomorrow night when they put you all in a room and cut you, just like that.  Cause, honestly, other than Antonella Barba, I don't recall any other Hollywood week group number idiots who made it past the last day. Feel free to comment if I've forgotten anyone or blocked them out.

So although I didn't really have any favorites going in to last night's ep, I was super sad about Rob. I liked him but he really messed up when couldn't remember the words to Forget You, cause it's just such an easy song. But he sounded good, I thought, even with his lack of words, and those two chicks sounded pretty sucktacular to me. Even without singing the words he was way, way better. I comfort myself by knowing that those two chicks are simply fodder for tonight's eliminations.

Also, favoritism aside, I was happy when that little baby boy, Jacee, found a group. Kids are so cruel, kicking him out of their group in the middle of the night. I wanted to slap that creepy white framed eyeglass guy and tell him how I think he looks just like a frog. A creepy, mean frog in glasses. But since this happened months ago and he can't hear me, I guess it's a moot point.

I didn't cry when Jacee made it through, either. Not really. Maybe just a little.

Although, and this is just an aside, since they had to let Jacee through or look like the meanest people ever, but didn't he forget the words, too?

And I have another question. Ryan said that 39 groups would be choosing from a list of 20 songs. So why did I only hear like the same five songs over and over again?  If I wasn't so lazy, I'd seriously consider re-watching the show just to count them.

But my life isn't long enough for that. And it's entirely possibly that they were singing lots of different songs, but they just all sounded exactly the same.

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