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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 24 Finally Announced

My husband says I only like shows with vampires and zombies. That's entirely untrue; I also like aliens.

I mean, how else do you explain Beatles songs on American Idol?

Did the producers learn nothing from Kristy Lee Cook's rendition of Eight Days a Week? Look, if Sir Paul needs money that badly, we should all take up a collection or something, cause these kids shouldn't ever be allowed to put their muddy little paws all over Beatles tunes.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but clearly no one has paid any attention to me. They should have.

First of all, if someone says they've never heard a Beatles song before, they have no right trying to sing one. At all. Ever. How can you consider yourself a musical artiste if you don't know the Beatles? Please, just tell me that.

That rendition of Blackbird nearly brought me to tears. But that's mostly cause of The Dandy Warhols song with the line, "When Michael Jackson dies, we're covering Blackbird." So, clearly, Blackbird just makes me think of MJ's death. I think they had a lot of nerve singing it. The jerks.

Where is the vocal coach from hell when you need her?

Can I just say, that chick Ashley Sullivan, the one who got married in Vegas (at the same place as her idol, Britney Spears), while wearing pleather pants, if she's only 26, then I really am 27.

Anyway, I realized how totally not invested I am in the show so far when I checked the spoiler sites to see who made it through and it became apparent that I didn't know half of the names of these kids. More than half. I used to care about who made Top 24 and I pretty much knew who most of them were by this point. This year I had no idea.

So then I sat though four hours of musical angst and I'm still not sure who is in the Top 24.  I even checked the Idol site this morning before posting this blog  and they didn't have a list up.

Apparently, they don't know who anyone is yet either.

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