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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Auditions Are Over, Now Hollywood Week Begins

Last night on American Idol it was the night of tragedy.

We heard all about car accidents and deaths and house fires and unemployment and other sad, sad things in life. Of course, the most tragic of all was that girl in the beginning, weeping her way out, who said, if someone farts let them finish singing. Puh-lease. When, oh when, will the producers stop thinking stupid, staged stuff like that is funny? It's never gonna be funny. Not now, not ever. Never.

There didn't appear to be as many terrible singers last night, which is a plus.  I figure they were thinking, we can't possibly make people deal with all the tragedy and bad singing in one episode, so we'll go light on that tonight.

I don't remember liking anyone that much. But I do recall the transformer kid. Not that he was great or anything, but he wasn't that bad either.  I think the gimmick, while it got him noticed, probably hurt him more than helped him. Plus, who would want to walk around all day in that get up?

Well, there was also the I'm-supposed-to-remind-you-of-Adam-Lambert kid. But he was part of the tragedy lollapalooza, so he shouldn't really get special mention. He was OK, a little screamy, but I guess that's the Adam Lambert part of him.

I'm happy that this is the end of the truly terrible and that tonight we move on to the merely sad and inept.  Hollywood week always brings the drama and really separates the men from the boys, if know what I'm saying. The people who can't stand the heat, definitely have to get out of the kitchen.  Or just think up some other lame metaphor for people who can't take criticism.

Hey, I didn't say anything about Simon Cowell for once.  Or, wait...

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