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Monday, February 27, 2012

Private Caller

OK, I just thought this was a great story from a Canadian friend of mine, and I had to share it.  I wish I had done this. 

I just got a call from a scammer. Of course the caller ID said "private name" but when my husband calls from his cell it says "private caller" so I thought it might be him and I answered. 

So anyway there was an Indian sounding woman on the phone and she said her name was Jean Cassidy (yeah, right) and that she was calling from Microsoft. She said they had received many report errors from my computer and that I needed to turn my computer on so she could help me fix a security problem they detected.

Okay look...I may be old but this old girl still has a few brain cells left. And I've read about every scam out there. 

I am not a detective but I've seen one on TV. 

So I told the Indian lady named Jean Cassidy that I was a detective with the RCMP cyber crimes unit. I thanked her for calling because we were well aware of this scam and would now be tracing her number back and that it would help us in our investigation into where the scam is originating.

She hung up. I wonder why?

And this is why I love my friends. 

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