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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Bleeeeeep

So it's really back.

The live shows on American Idol. My husband has already pointed out that the new stage set looks cheesy. Like this show was ever the utmost in decorum and taste.  It sounds like they are keeping this stage throughout, instead of just using it until we hit the Top 12. Interesting. Or, you know, not so much, really.

This week they can pick any song they want. Really, Ryan? Really, any song they want? I'm sorry if I just have a problem believing that.

As we start out and I get a look at the Top 24, I seriously wish I could remember even one of their names and I just can't.  Sadly, by the time this season ends, I will know them all too well.

Reed Grimm - Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5 - Says his life will change and he won't be changing dirty diapers every day. Yes that will be a change, but I kinda thought you'd be looking for something a little more than that. He is suitably bleeped out during the songs one swear word, which could really have been changed easily.  I mean if Cee Lo can Forget know?  Anyway, I have no opinion at this point.  He didn't impress me.  Randy (and can someone please tell me what's the deal with his collar??) says he is like Casey Abrams. He is not. Jennifer says everyone knows the song so well. Neither one of us has ever heard this song before.  Steven also swears and is bleeped out. Well, mostly.

Adam Brock - Think, Aretha Franklin - When a man describes himself as White Chocolate...well, I just have no words.  In my opinion, that song is too big for him, at least it's bigger than he thinks he is.  But then Aretha is bigger than most people.  He didn't suck, but I didn't think he was amazing either. Steven said he was brilliant and managed to do it without swearing. Jennifer said he delivered at the end. Randy says he has a 70's vibe.

DeAndre Brackensick - Reasons, Earth Wind and Fire - That falsetto is gonna get old really quick. Maybe even by tonight. Possibly before this song ends. OK, talk about a 70's vibe, now I'm really feeling it.  Is it just me or does everyone else like this show way better than me? Steven didn't swear again. Jennifer says his voice is perfect and she prayed he'd come back this year. (Like she really remembers who any of these kids are between seasons.) Randy said something...I have no idea what.

I'm watching the show about 40 minutes behind and I noticed that Colton Dixon is trending on Twitter when I'm just getting to him. So either he was amazing or really bad, cause he's the only AI thing trending when it's probably at least half an hour after he sang.

Colton Dixon - Decode, Paramore - I think that's right cause I missed Ryan announcing it and had to look it up, but I'm not sure which is the song name and which is the band. Once again, I was not impressed.  I want to be impressed with someone, please.  Randy says the show has so many flavors. Jennifer says we really feel him and he's a relevant artist. Steven doesn't swear.

Jeremy Rosado - Gravity, Sarah Bareilles - Never heard of her, originally got her name down as Sarah Umbrella and went back to look it up. Jeremy strikes me as a really nice guy, so I don't see him lasting too long on this show or in the music business. But maybe it's an act and he's going all the way to the top. On the other hand, he could be this year's Scott Savol, he'll be good, but people will hate him cause he's so harmless. So far he's the first one that I actually liked.  Even with that little crack in his voice, it sounded real and he wasn't overwhelmed by the music. Steven says it was beautiful and for once, he's right. Jennifer says some people are just blessed by God. Randy said something, but I didn't catch it again. For some reason whenever Randy talks all I hear is that wahwahwah sound, like adults in Charlie Brown.

Aaron Marcellus - Never Can Say Goodbye, Jackson 5 - He says he's a regular dude who has a big dream. Me too Aaron, me, too. My dream is that at some point someone singing on the Idol stage this year will be really amazing and I'll remember why I watch this show year after year. Aside from the slightly off, weak ending, the rest sounded too...processed to me. Like he was singing to me through a filter that takes out all the personality, which is sort of the deal so far tonight. The judges gushed, but said nothing of note.

Chase Likens - Storm Warning, Hunter Hayes - I basically tune out for the country stuff.  As I may have mentioned, at least a few million times, I hate country music.  HATE IT. So I just choose to abstain from commenting. Otherwise, he seems like a nice guy. Even the judges don't seem as happy about this song as the last few, but since Chase is clearly fodder with no chance of making the Top 12, it really doesn't matter.

Creighton Fraker - True Colors, Cyndi Lauper - I kinda like him, but he's so weird that I don't think it can last. Seriously, if anyone has a woman inside him, it's this guy. His voice is so high and fine and yet solid. I really do like him.  My husband has been muttering stuff in the background about rainbows, but I'm ignoring him.  I can totally see him singing with a Muppet someday. (Creighton, not  my husband.) At this point, I'm basically ignoring what the judges are saying, cause it's all pointless. Although my husband mentioned that the judges sort of rushed through their time with Creighton, like they were basically saying goodbye.

Phil Philips - In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins - He's so totally making this song his own, I don't really recognize it. He's basically re-written the melody, at least on the verse. I want to like this, but I'm not sure.  My husband said I like him, but that was a little weird; he did say he liked it better than True Colors.  I disagree.  The judges seem to like it better, except for Randy who also recognized that he's re-writing melody. Which is weird, cause Randy rarely knows what's happening.

Eben Franckewitz - Set Fire To the Rain, Adele - More and more I don't know the songs that are sung on this show and this is one I don't know. So I can't be sure, but it doesn't sound right. He seems flat and nasally and kinda scared to death. But the producers clearly like him, cause he has the flamey background. My husband just said, he's going down in flames, for sure.  He's the first one the judges really had any criticism for, except that they sugar coated it by telling him how amazing he is. He's not that amazing.

Heejun Han - Angels, Robbie Williams - Of course, he's crazy and clearly his mother is as well. So you gotta like that. He's not melting my heart or anything like that, but he wasn't bad. I'd call him easy listening, which his probably not what he's going after, but at least it was all on pitch.

OK, that one short, re-written line from Hey Jude by Steven Tyler was better than everyone else that sang tonight so far.

Joshua Ledet - You Pulled Me Through, Jennifer Hudson - He has barely opened his mouth and already I can say, this is what I'm talking about. He sounds like Luther Vandross and he's so much better than all the other Idol wannabes who sang tonight that they should just call him the winner now and move on.  Think of how much time we'd all save. No, seriously, someone call that kid and give him a contract. Stat.

And now for the surprise semi-finalist save. It's gonna be Jermaine Jones. And it's Jermaine Jones. Color me not even a little surprised.

Jermaine Jones - Dance With My Father, Luther Vandross - I get why they keep calling this guy the gentle giant, cause he makes Ryan look like a little, tiny, tiny man. Not that Ryan is all that big, but now he looks like one of those toy, smaller than a Barbie doll, dolls.  Tiny.  Oh, right, and he sang. I have no love for this song and I don't think he added much to it, but then he just had to sing after Joshua Ledet, so anyone would suffer by comparison.

Overall, it was an underwhelming first ep of live shows. As I recall last year was just as underwhelming and look how that turned out.  (The country guy won, so that just goes to show you.)

If I can only keep five, which is I guess how this works, it will be Adam Brock, Jeremy Rosado, Creighton Fraker, Heejun Hun and Joshua Ledet.

I guess.

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