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Friday, November 2, 2012

Opinions Political

I can't wait for this Presidential election to be over.

Every time I get on Twitter these days, all the hate and vitriol I see in my time line just makes me sad. It's not just one side or the other, it's everyone. They all seriously hate each other and I can't understand why.

I've been known to disagree with people, but just because someone has a different opinion than me, I don't feel the need to belittle them or make nasty comments about their beliefs.

When did this happen?

I guess this sort of political controversy has been happening for ever, but it just feels so crazy wrong to me.

Plus, I miss Twitter.  But every time I go there, I feel like blocking about every other person I see. And I don't want to block these people. These are people I like, I enjoy talking to them, I want to be friends with them. But I can't understand why they are so angry and nasty and rude and ugly about other people who have a different opinion from them.

I'm neither Republican or Democrat. I am however tolerant, accepting and non-judgmental. I wish everyone else was, too, and could learn to express opinions without bashing others.


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