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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wounds of November

November has been a crazy month.

I had two surgeries in two weeks. Minor, of course. But then they are always minor on someone else, and major when they're happening to you, right?

Turns out I'm not a great patient. I've only ever had three surgeries in my life before these and two were before I was 18. So, you know, I'd rather have passed on them.

Seriously, all I wanted to do was sit quietly and be pampered. And there just wasn't time. Except for the fact that my right hand/wrist was in a cast for 12 days and I couldn't do some things, life was basically moving right along at the same pace as normal.

It didn't seem fair.

But I'm back to mostly full speed now. My wrist is still a bit sore, thanks for asking, but nothing that ibuprofen and occasionally wearing a brace can't help. And I fully expect that within a couple of weeks it will all just be a bad memory.

Of course, now I have to get through Christmas.


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