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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hometown Touring on American Idol

Oh no! I have to sit through hometown visits on American Idol this week, don't I?  Sigh.

So for our three selections tonight, the judges picked the first song, the kids pick the second and Jimmy Iovine picks the third. And here we go.

Judge's Picks
Joshua Ledet - I'd Rather Go Blind, Etta James - My husband walked into the room while Joshua was singing and said, "He should win, shouldn't he?" I think that says it all.

Jessica Sanchez - Some Mariah Carey Song - At this point, my computer decided to melt down and so I basically missed both Jessica's song and Phillip's song. Mostly cause I was busy having a melt down of my own.

But just before that, while we were listening to Jessica sing, we were both thinking, "wow, this is pretty weak." Then the judges came on and said good things about it, which makes make me positive that they are all doing drugs.

Phillip Phillips - I honestly have no idea what song he sang or what I thought about it.  I'm pretty sure he sounded exactly the same as usual. So depending on your outlook, that's either good or bad.

Idols Picks
Joshua Ledet - Imagine, John Lennon - I don't think this song did Joshua any favors. It basically has no hook and that arrangement didn't allow for any moments.  Add to that, that this is just the sort of song people either love or hate. I'd like to see him stay on and win, but I don't think that helped him any. Sure, he can babble on about how the song has a message or whatever, but I don't think people really care about that.

Jessica Sanchez - I Don't Want To A Miss A Thing, Aerosmith - OK, I'll admit it, Jessica's hometown package made me cry a little and just, almost, begin to like her. Just the teensy, tiniest bit.  But I'm sorry, this is not Jessica's night, cause I thought that was pretty weak, too.

Phillip Phillips - Disease, Matchbox 20 - The judges are saying this is just OK, but it sounded just the same as everything else he's done, excepting that one song he sang that one time (maybe last week or the week before?), so they should love it as much as they loved all the others. Except that they don't want another WGWG American Idol.

Jimmy's Picks
Joshua Ledet - No More Drama, Mary J. Blige - I was a little worried when he started this, cause I had no idea where he planned to take it. But I should have had a little faith in Jimmy. That was soooo good. Joshua should totally win this thing.

Jessica Sanchez - I'll Be There, The Jackson Five - Just before Jessica starts to sing, my husband chimes in with, "She should win. She's hot." Seriously?  Didn't we just agree that both her songs so far have been weak? "Yes, but she can sing and she's hot." Sigh.  This song was actually a good pick for Jessica, so score 2 for Jimmy, cause it was a perfect match for her voice. But it was a little on the boring side and Jessica really needed a good moment or two tonight.

Phillip Phillips - We've Got Tonight, Bob Seeger - At one point in there, Phil almost sounded like Seegs Baby. Which is what we called Bob Seeger back in the day, that being like the 70's when we were all weirder than we are now. Except for that one little lyrics mistake, that was actually good. I don't think it was great, but it was good.

Well, if there is any justice, Joshua will make it to next week. My guess is he will be joined by Phillip. Or maybe Jessica.

How's that for good guessing?

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