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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Blog Post About A Blog Post

A wonderful, funny blogger that I know (or actually who I've never met in person, but I talk to her on Twitter and read her blog every day, so it's like I know her) made this blog post today. And I want to answer her, but the comment box didn't seem like it would be enough space. So I'm answering her here and maybe she'll see it. (I'm thinking she definitely will, cause I'm gonna tweet her about it.)

Anyway, go read her post, so what I'm saying will make sense. Probably.

When Lynn first started out blogging her posts were all very funny, she started adding in the occasional serious post, too, which is also good. When you can tell a good story, you can tell a good story, sad, funny or scary. Then some of her posts started being blogs about blogging (and she even mentions this herself a couple of posts ago), which is also fine. Its not like she's calling it a cooking blog or anything, it's just a blog blog. Where she blogs. So it's basically all good.

I honestly think she's begun to let things get in her head too much, though.  And I don't mean to her head, cause that's totally different. I mean, that she's allowing other people and their opinions make her be slightly defensive, even when she's being funny. She's still funny, but I'm picking up on a the-heck-with-you-and-your-mother vibe, that may totally be part of her personality (I'm almost certain it is, and good on her), and yet by creeping into her posts, it almost sounds like she's trying to pick fights.

I'm sure she isn't, at least not on purpose, but she's not afraid of a fight either. That's a positive in my book, cause I'm way too afraid to fight with people. Or not afraid exactly, more cautious. Cause I'm old and fat and slow and I'd totally get beaten to a bloody pulp. Oh, wait, unless we're talking about a sarcasm fight, cause then I'd slay all in my path. (Trust me, my husband tells me how mean I am all the time and it's absolutely true.)

So now I'm completely off track, which was supposed to be about hot button topics and whether you should just keep your mouth shut. I don't think so. Looking back on this blog, the most read post (not that I really pay attention to stats that much, I just like to see if any one anywhere has actually read it, and believe me when I say that each one of Lynn's posts gets more hits in a day than my most read blog post has ever received, ever) was this one about illegal immigrants who have been here for 15 years and haven't learned the language yet. I totally expressed my opinion here and although hundreds of people have read it, no one has commented. Hmmm...maybe my readers don't speak English either.

Since my opinions tend to be very, very definite and since I've found that most people don't like any opinion but their own, I generally keep quiet. I can totally hear someone express an opinion, even if it's the exact opposite of mine and not tell them to shut up.  But I've noticed that most people can't do that.  For instance, if my opinion is X and someone else's opinion is Y, even though X and Y are very close to each other, Y person will get all crazy and hot under the collar if I don't just admit that X is absolutely and unbelievably wrong and stupid and that the only correct opinion, in the history of the universe, is Y.  I'm not gonna do that.

But seriously, if you want to think Y is right, go ahead. I don't care. You think and believe what you want to think and believe and I'll do the same.

I've said all that to say this. I think people should be able to share any opinions they want ON THEIR OWN BLOG (!!) and that if you disagree, great. But keep that part to yourself.

Especially if it's about Ronnie Dunn.


Lynn MacDonald said...

Hee! Hmmmmm...I don't think I get defensive as much as fed up sometimes. It annoys me when I write something and then people act like I wrote it to get attention. I just write something when it strikes a nerve although, there are topics, due to personal reasons, that I won't address.

But, so many people write stuff just to get the attention and that seems so stupid to me. Try to stay on the light side since this is mostly a hour or blog but depending on my mood and my life, I do write serious stuff.

In fact, I just wrote a book. Thank you for always being such a faithful reader. I don't have that many readers but the ones I have are loyal.

Take care,


Toni said...

That's what I meant. I think.

I know you don't write to get attention, but attention seems to find you, which is just one of the many things I love about you.

I'm looking forward to the book and after it's published, I want to be able to say I knew you when.