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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Stevie Meets Idol

Little Stevie Van Zandt from
Ryan says, we've got a great show for you tonight, on American Idol.

I seriously doubt that, Ryan. Seriously.

So tonight they are singing a song from the 60's and some...thing....else. I don't know, I wasn't paying attention, cause just then Ryan said that they had to bring in the big guns and my husband asked, "The Spice Girls?" So basically, it was all over at that point.

Hollie Cavanagh - River Deep, Mountain High, Ike and Tina Turner - Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the song Pia Toscano sang when she got kicked off? Hollie has definitely loosened up and that was one of her better performances and yet, it wasn't that great. She's still missing something for me (for you, for me), like an actual connection to the words. But maybe I'm just too picky.

Phillip Phillips - The Letter, The Boxtops - Maybe I ask this every week, but how is what he just did there in any way different from what he did last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and every single week since, like, January? I didn't hate it, but I didn't care about it either. In any case, that was more like the Joe Cocker version anyway, so I wouldn't even call it original.

WHAT??? How could JLo not know The Letter?? No, seriously, someone get her people on the phone. What gives her the right to judge a singing competition anyway?

Skylar Laine - Fortunate Son, Credence Clearwater Revival - Yes, CCR is a way better choice, although my husband said that she has a better chance to forget the words if she doesn't know the song.  I pointed out that she probably didn't know the other song either, since they are both from the 60's and not only wasn't she born yet, she was probably negative 25 or 30 yrs old then. Or more. How old is she anyway? Her parents might not even have been born yet. *shudder* I still hate country singing, but she was actually good. I may not even hate it if she wins this thing.

Duet (isn't this a new show on some other channel?) - Joshua and Phillip - You've Lost That Loving Feeling, The Righteous Brothers - Again, this could just be me, but Joshua's voice is just so much nicer, smoother and more melodic, even if the song seems a mite low for him. And I think he just missed a word there, which is definitely a no-no, but probably no one else noticed.

Jessica Sanchez - Proud Mary, Credence Clearwater Revival -  I had to look up her name, cause I honestly couldn't remember her. Just saying. There's something a bit uncomfortable in this little girl acting all sexy, at least for me. Right, they keep comparing this to Tina Turner, but she didn't do this until the 70s. Just saying. Again.

Joshua Ledet - Ain't Too Proud To Beg, The Temptations - I like Joshua. But that wasn't too amazing, no matter what Jimmy Iovine says. I guess everyone else loved it, too, so maybe I missed something.

Hollie Cavanagh - Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis - Be honest, could anyone else understand her when she said who sang this? It sounded like just mumbling to me. This is not my kind of music, so don't know this song, but I guess she did OK.  I do think she needs to be a little worried, no matter how good she is tonight, cause someone has to go and she hasn't been a favorite.

Phillip Phillips - Time of The Season, The Zombies - So where's the beatboxing? Oh, wait, that was Blake Lewis, who did this song way, way better. FYI. My husband: I don't even know who that is. Me: He's from season six. Him: You can remember that? From five years ago? Me: Yes. I can. And so should you and everyone else out there. Cause it was way, way, way better. Way better.

Trio - Skylar, Jessica and Hollie - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, Jackie Wilson - That was a little sad. They didn't seem to mesh well and I think Jessica actually missed a few words. But it doesn't count anyway. At least not to me. that Jeremy Sisto doing the voice over for that Advil commercial?

Skylar Laine - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, Dusty Springfield - Scarily, this is a song I'd sing if I were on Idol, too. Only I would have done it better. I was almost starting to like that, but then she sort of missed out on really big note part. I mean, she did it, but then she didn't do it. You know? But I'll give her a pass cause I think they really didn't give her enough time to do all the parts of this song that needed to be done.

Jessica Sanchez - You Are So Beautiful, Joe Cocker - That was actually kind of pretty. I just wish she had more life experience, cause I'm missing the connection to the song part of the song. This could actually be a bad week for her, cause she was voted off once before and her time may be coming up again.

Joshua Ledet - To Love Somebody, The Bee Gees- This song has been covered and covered and covered (although apparently not so  much that Joshua had heard it), but that was new. I mean, he just did an amazing job with a song he didn't know. No wonder I like him so much.

Once again, I think Joshua and Skylar were the best, but both Hollie and Jessica should get an honorable mention.  Phil Phillips was the most serious dud of the night. Maybe it's his time to go home.

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