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Friday, February 18, 2011

Idol Heads to Vegas, Baby

I'm not sure what last night's ep of American Idol proved.

Sure, we saw a bunch of people sing and they cut the numbers down to, what, 40? But I'm still fairly certain that I couldn't place even half of them. I mean, I know I'd recognize about 10 or 12 of them and I could probably name....maybe 6. But what about the others? How could we get an entire month into this show, a show that's on 2 to 3 hours every week and not be able to recognize 40 people.

I think there's more people than that on the cast of 90210 and I got all of them straight in the first episode.

It's like they're purposely hiding people from us until the voting rounds. Why? After 10 years, I guess I still don't get the Idol machine. I don't understand it or why it happens the way it does.  Clearly, the whole your-votes-make-them-stars thing is a complete load of horse hooey. I don't think I ever believed that.

Maybe our votes (or your votes, since I no longer vote - not since Constantine - OK, maybe once or twice, but hardly ever) count for about a third of the decision making process.  This show is cast. What I mean is, they pick certain types that they want in the Top 12, like the rocker, the country singer, the R&B diva, that sort of thing. Then they steer you towards voting for the people they want to be there at the end.

I'm not saying that they (whoever the heck they are) picks the right winner every time, but they have a plan when they start and they just try to lead you (like a lamb to the slaughter) to the "right" decisions.

But whatever. It doesn't matter cause this is just a silly reality TV show, folks.

As for who left and who stayed, I was a little sad to see the end of both Gutierrez brothers.  I almost liked them.

I was not at all sad, sorry or surprised to see the silly too-blond chick come up with some mysterious illness (it's called lack of talent, sweetie) and leave before the day got underway. Nor will I miss Chelsee, Rob's ex. She was kinda boring and annoying, all at once. Actually, the only good thing about her was Rob and she dumped him.

Probably, the best part of the night was when the judges were letting one of the loser rooms off easy and Randy Jackson was trying to tell them that this wasn't the end.  It's hard, he was saying, and Steven Tyler chimes in with, yes, it's *$%!ing hard.

He's gonna be so much fun on the live shows.

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