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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Girls Aren't Great


While I was looking over the spoiler list for the girls' song choices tonight on American Idol, I was somewhat saddened, although not surprised, by their lack of originality. I mean they could pick any songs they wanted (well, I'm sure not any song, since they have to be cleared, but still, I'm sure there's a pretty wide range of music to choose from) and they all seemed to choose wimpy songs, songs that have been done to death (or just better) before, or songs by artists they should never try to emulate their first time onto the big Idol stage. I'm just saying.

Have these kids not been watching the show for the past 9 years?? At least no one chose a Whitney song. I think the guys did this a bit last night, too, although the girls are usually the worst culprits; they pick songs they like or songs that fit the style they want to portray rather than trying to find the song that will sound great for them vocally.

Of course, as I write this, I haven't yet heard them sing. Maybe they'll all be amazing. Right.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson: Only Girl In The World, Rihanna - I don't like it. I don't know the song, but beside that point, she appears to be alternating between sounding shrill (with a huge side helping of off key) and being buried in the music. I'm calling her a goner.

Naima Adedapo: Summertime, George Gershwin - My friend Sandy is rooting for Naima, cause she has a cool name. I guess that's as good a reason as any. The fact that she chose Summertime is worrisome since Fantasia has mastered this song on the Idol stage. No one has attempted it since and done well in comparison. Maybe it's my sound system, but she sounds a little muffled and lost in the music as well. I'm not saying she was bad, parts were even very good, but overall, I didn't think it was that great. (Oh, look, Randy mentioned Fantasia, too.  See, I know what I'm talking about.)  I think she'll make the Top 10.

Kendra Chantelle:  Impossible, Christina Aguilera - I said I was going to root for Kendra, cause of Kendra the Vampire Slayer on Buffy.  It's good to have a reason for liking someone.  Actually, I think I made a solid choice, cause she was the best so far. I don't know this song, but she did a great job and I liked it regardless.

Rachel Zevita: Criminal, Fiona Apple - Another song I don't know, but that won't matter if she does a good job. First off she looks kinda awkward and not in a good way. Her scratchy voice started out sounding OK, but then as the words started coming faster, it made her sound a little mumbly. I wasn't impressed. Let's hope she's done.

Karen Rodriguez: Hero, Mariah Carey - When I was reading the list of names, I just couldn't place Karen, but now that I see her I remember her and I think I kinda like her. I worry about anyone who tries to take on Mariah, especially on such a well known song, cause you can't help but make comparisons. And let me explain to you all right here and now, you aren't gonna measure up to Mariah. But all that said, she did a tolerable job and adding in the Spanish really added to her voting block. I'd say she's a sure Top 10 pick.

Lauren Turner: Seven Day Fool, Etta James (Jully Black version) - Wait, did anyone else realize that there were two girls in the Top 12 named Lauren? I've heard so much about the other Lauren, that I didn't remember there was this Lauren. Her voice gets a little lost on the really low notes, but the song was fun and she actually showed some personality. I think she was even on key most of the time. She should stick around.

Ashton Jones:  Love All Over Me, Monica - Don't know this song, but the title alone makes me think of that song from the 80's You Got It All Over Him by The Jets. I always hated that song because Taylor and Moore (our local rock radio shock jocks) made so much fun of it. You can use your own imagination on that cause I'm not gonna explain. (In researching who sang that song, I found out that Rupert "Pina Colada Song" Holmes wrote it and Britney Spears did a cover. Weird.) Um, I think I missed her singing. I feel OK with that.

Julie Zorrilla: Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson - I had to sing a Kelly Clarkson song for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I'm not Kelly Clarkson. Let's hope Julie has it in her. Nope. She looked very pretty, but the song basically swallowed her whole; it was just way too big for her. I think we may have heard the last of Julie.

Haley Reinhart: Fallin', Alicia Keys - That was good. That was just very, very good.  She took the song and made it her own. In my opinion, that was the best of any of the girls and better than most of the guys.

Thia Megia: Out Here On My Own, Irene Cara - Her name rhymes. I have a problem with that. She lost the melody a bit on the a cappella part, but overall, I liked it. It's a beautiful song and she did a tolerably good job. My husband, however, thought it was lame.

Lauren Alaina: Turn on the Radio, Reba McEntire - If she wasn't so obnoxious and so pimped on the show, I'd almost like her cause she's super cute. But she thinks too much of herself. Plus, she clearly wants to sing country pop, which in itself is an aberration and should not be allowed. If I liked that kind of music, I may have liked that performance. She's not going anywhere anyway.

Pia Toscano: I'll Stand By You, The Pretenders - My husband thinks she was the best one of the night. She was really great and she nailed that song.  But I feel sorry for her, cause I think she was put here as fodder and I don't think she'll make the Top 10. I hope I'm wrong, cause she deserves to stay.

Since I don't really care who stays or who goes, I'll base my guesses on who I assume they want to have stick around.  I think they want to keep Naima, Kendra, Karen, Haley and Lauren Alaina. And will maybe bring Thia back as a wild card.

If I'm picking who I thought was best, it would be Kendra, Lauren Turner, Karen, Haley and Pia.

Before posting this, I checked out dialidol and it's totally disagreeing with me, showing Ta-Tynisa and Julie as the top spots and Karen and Haley at the bottom.  Well, there's no accounting for taste.

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