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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saving Casey Abrams

They say there's going to be a shock on American Idol tonight. Honestly, no one's departure would be that shocking to me, cause there isn't any one of these kids that I care enough about to miss when they're gone. And I can think of at least five of them that I'd rather never have to hear sing again.

I'm starting to watch well after the show has ended cause I was busy. But, as you know, I like to do that, since it allows me to fast-forward through pretty much everything but the ten minutes of actual elimination. You know what elimination is, right? It's the point of this entire hour.

Um....did Stevie Wonder just forget the words to Signed, Sealed, Delivered? Of course, I hit the FF button through most of the group number, but I had to watch Stevie. That was kinda weird though.

So let's start eliminating already.

First up is Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreery. If one of these people isn't safe, it should be Lauren. But, of course, they are all safe. No shocks there.

Fast forwarding through everything in the middle, next up is James Durbin and Paul McDonald. I think they are both safe, but Paul could be in the B3. I totally wouldn't be heartbroken if they wanted to get rid of James, though. Nope. Both safe. Per Hulk Hogan....whatever that's about.

Now, in center stage we have Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Thia Megia. I see Stefano and Thia in the bottom three. And I'm right. I think Stefano would be a huge draw for all the little girls on the tour, though, so I think he may stay. But maybe not. Maybe he's the shock. Cause since we know we're being shocked, then Thia is clearly safe.

Next up is Casey Abrams, Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart. I'd like it to be Naima, but it won't be or they won't have any woman of color on the tour. But maybe it's Casey and that's the shock?  Cause at this point only Casey or Stefano going home would be shocking. Naima is safe and on the tour.

Casey is in the B3. Not as much shocking as it is sad.

So Casey is going home. Isn't he? Sigh. I'd say the judges would use their save on him, but I don't think they would use a save this week cause of the tour.

Ryan introduces Jennifer Hudson saying that she is their only Idol winner with an Oscar. Um, Ryan, she didn't win Idol. How quickly they forget when it suits their purposes. Anyway, if you want to talk shock elimination, Jennifer Hudson fits that to a tee. The week of three divas in the bottom three. People still talk about it.

George Huff!!!!  I love George. His was a sad elimination.

Thia is safe and so it must be Casey. But really, it was just a matter of time. Bottom line, neither one of these guys is gonna win so they will have been eliminated sooner or later. It's just sad one of them won't get the tour money when a boring, inferior performer like Thia will.

Yep, Casey's a goner. It reminds me of when Chris Sligh was eliminated. Although he made the tour cause he was number ten. He was a better singer than Casey, but he was the same kinda fun guy. Honestly, Casey has been sick so many times, he's probably not a great risk for the tour. But I would still like to see him on it.

Wait a minute...hold the presses....Wow, they are using the save. I guess I am shocked. By that and by all of the bleeping out for Casey's swearing.

So how do they determine who goes on the tour when they cut two people next week? Oh, see, I ask these questions and it's like Ryan can hear me, even though I'm watching the show on the DVR an hour after it ended.  They all get to go on tour!

Yay, Casey! You win.

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