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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Idol's Live Performances Start Out With a Whimper

I'm starting to watch American Idol really late tonight. Therefore, I'm gonna skip right to the chewy center and just critique the singing.

Lauren Alaina: Any Man of Mine, Shania Twain - I hate country music. I hate the fact that I had to go look up the name of this song cause I don't listen to country music. I've just decided that I'm not even gonna try to critique this cause I hate it. Cause it's country. I do like how the judges are trying to say nice things to Lauren, when it's clear that they didn't really like it either. Gotta be nice to little miss chosen one.

Casey Abrams: With a Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker - Casey is in the forgettable second place spot. This doesn't bode well for his tenure on Idol. But hopefully he's good enough to stick around for a while no matter what they do to him. Alright, keeping it real, he's no Joe Cocker, but that was still a great performance. I hope he lasts.

Ashthon Jones: When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Diana Ross - I just realized that she spells her name with a random H.  So why don't they pronounce her name Ash-TH-on??  I didn't like it. Sure, she hit the high note, but her voice sounded too thin and reedy and sorta breathless through most of the song. Also, she picked probably the only Diana Ross song that's not immediately familiar to everybody in the entire world.

Paul McDonald: Come Pick Me Up, Ryan Adams - I may be fast forwarding through too much stuff, cause I had to look up this song, too, and I'll bet at some point Ryan or someone is telling me what song they are singing before they start. Paul still has a real Rod Stewart vibe going on, but I'm not sure I liked that song too much. He was OK, but he's been better.  On the upside, his song choice allowed Randy to do some serious name dropping, which is something that's been missing this year.

Pia Toscano: All By Myself, Celine Dion - OK, she does know this is not really a Celine song, right? I forget sometimes that these kids are so young. Pia has probably never even heard of Eric Carmen.  So she had me up to the high note in the middle. Sure, she hit it, but then she lost the thread and didn't follow through. She did somewhat redeem herself with the glory note at the end, cause you know how Idol loves a glory note. I like Pia, though, and I hope she lasts a little while.

James Durbin: Maybe I'm Amazed, Paul McCartney - I keep waiting for him to do something amazing or maybe even just good. Ish. But it turns out, I just don't get him. He sounded wobbly and slightly off key to me for the entire song. The judges clearly don't agree with me, so I can only assume they are hearing something I can't. Maybe I'm being too hard on him, cause he's no Glambert, but so few people are.

Haley Reinhart: Blue, LeAnn Rimes - More country music. Why is this happening to me? I did take a moment to look up the song and found that LeAnn Rimes was born in all that crap about Haley growing up with this song....that was just in the last decade, right?

Jacob Lusk: I Can Fly, R. Kelly - Someone sings this every year, don't they? I like Jacob and this is the kind of soulful, church choir song that he should be doing, but I think he may have overdone it a little bit more than he needed to. Of course, knowing Jacob the way we do, that could totally be his motto, "I overdo things more than I need to."

Thia Megia: Smile, Michael Jackson - Of course, Thia has no idea who Charlie Chaplin is, but at least she didn't think this was just a song from Glee. I'm so sad right now.  My friend Sandy has taken to calling her Thiamariamegia because her name just doesn't rhyme enough. The beginning was beautiful, her voice does have a great tone, but it wasn't such a smooth transition into the sped up part. Like last week, she was good, but boring. Boring.

I'm starting to wilt a bit here, cause it's late and I see that there are still four more people who have to sing yet.  I've even glanced through their names to see if I even care enough to listen. But I guess I've come this far.

Stefano Langone: Lately, Stevie Wonder - Maybe it's just cause I'm tired, but I don't think this is his best effort. He was kinda manic and there was too much vibrato and too many runs for me.

Karen Rodriguez: I Could Fall in Love, Selena - She's gonna have to stop playing the Hispanic card at some point, right? Don't get me wrong, I like Karen, but she's starting to sound like a one-note song. I thought that was OK, but....see above re boring.

Scotty McCreery: The River, Garth Brooks - Country just keeps happening. If I'm being honest, the Scotty kind of country music isn't as annoying to me as the stuff that thinks it's pop music. That stuff is just wrong. This kind at least knows it's place. South of the Mason Dixon line.

Naima Adedapo: Umbrella, Rhianna - So Naima is in the pimp spot tonight.  Good for her. Of course, I've never heard this song before and I'm not a fan of this kind of music, but that being said, Naima did a solid job.

Overall, I was complete underwhelmed tonight. It was mostly music I didn't like or didn't know. Or both.

The person I'd lose is Ashthon Jones, cause she wasn't anything special. My bottom three would be Ashthon, Lauren and Karen. But I'm probably not on the same page as America.

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