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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Idols Sing Their Idols

This week on American Idol, the guest mentor is Stevie Nicks. Although, I would never have been able to tell by looking at her.  The kids also get some more unheeded advice by Tommy Hilfiger. Then we get to be thrilled by the Idols singing songs by their idols. I'm guessing these are all people who were born after 1980.

Colton Dixon - Everything, Lifehouse - So this week Colton is also taking it to church, although his church seems to be more laid back and emo than the one attended by Joshua Ledet. I didn't hate that, but I didn't love it either.  I wasn't moved, but maybe there was more emotion in the live performance, cause the judges seemed to love it. I guess Uncle Nigel, along with Jimmy, has also decided that Colton is the dark horse in this race.  Better him than PhillipSquared.

Skylar Laine - Gunpowder and Lead, Miranda Lambert - I guess Skylar has the same idol as Lauren Alaina, since she sang this last year. Or at least I assume she did, since I vaguely recognize it and there's no other way that could have happened, since I avoid country music at all cost.

OK, what exactly is happening here? Colton, Philip and Elise are singing a Fleetwood Mac medley together. Shouldn't these types of group sings be happening tomorrow night? I guess they just need a way fill in this two hour show block. I wish they wouldn't do it at my expense.

Heejun Han - A Song For You, Donnie Hathaway - Apparently, Heejun has come to the realization that American Idol is a singing competition and not just a place for his stand up routine. Or at least that's what they're saying, but could he really be one hundred percent serious with that scarf or whatever on his head? In any case, that wasn't perfect, there were some pitch issues and he still missed the ends of some words, including that "s" that Jimmy told him not to, but it was definitely ten steps up from what he's been delivering every other week.

Now there's some guy with a neck brace that I'm guessing everyone but me recognizes. But I don't care about him, so I'm just fast forwarding through it.

Hollie Cavanagh - Jesus Take The Wheel, Carrie Underwood - I'm totally fast forwarding through this, too.  I almost liked Hollie once,when I thought she just had a speech impediment, but now I'm wondering what this British chick is doing on American Idol. Don't they have Britain's Got Talent over there?  Also, anyone who says that their idol is someone from American Idol just doesn't count.

DeAndre Brackensick - Sometimes I Cry, Eric Benet - You can tell that this is just what the kid wants to be singing, cause he seems very comfortable here. It was probably pretty good, for the kind of singing that it is, but I don't care for all that falsetto. Unless you're Prince, cause then it's OK. And for the record, I mentioned Prince before Steven did.

Jessica Sanchez - Sweet Dreams, Beyonce - Her mom is a performer? Did we know this? If they said the name of this song and who sings it, I missed it. I'm guessing is something so main stream that they expect everyone knows it. I don't. I did a quick lyrics search to find it, which wasn't easy cause Jessica Rabbit seems to be slurring her words this evening.  This was not her best performance, but I don't like her anymore anyway.

DeAndre, Heejun and Joshua do another group sing thing, although I still have no idea why.

Phillip Phillips - Still Rainin', Jonny Lang - It sounded like Phillip said he was singing a song called Steel Rain, so I had to look it up. Please tell me why it was necessary for Jimmy Iovine to get some sort of affirmation from Stevie Nicks on my time. I can already tell that everyone is going to say that was the best thing since sliced bread, but I feel like he sounds exactly like he sounds every other week.  For all I know, he's been singing the exact same song each week.

Joshua Ledet - Without You, Badfinger - Um....his Idol is Badfinger? That doesn't seem right. Apparently, someone covered this in the 90's or something. I guess his tears are meant to convey his deep emotional connection to the song. Or he thought it worked so well for Colton, he figured he should try it out, too.

Does Randy have to keep telling me how he's friends with every single person who's songs are being sung? Was he just hanging out with Donnie Hathaway last week, too?  Of course, since he died in the 70's I'm guessing that would be a little difficult.  Except for Randy.

I am so ready for this show to be over now. Please tell me it's almost done.

Oh no. Another trio. This time its Hollie, Skylar and Jessica. Thankfully I can fast forward. One question though. Couldn't they have done stuff like this back in the days when I cared about the contestants and would have loved to hear them sing more.

Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin - Finally, a song I like. This isn't actually a singer's song, so it doesn't show her vocals off that well, but it's fun and she's in the pimp spot, so I don't think she has anything to worry about this week.

I think Jessica, Hollie and Skylar could be in trouble this week. But since I fast forwarded through two of those people, maybe I'm wrong.

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