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Thursday, January 27, 2011

And Continues...Idol Auditions

American Idol auditions continued last night. Apparently, whether anyone wants them to or not. At some point in the evening, I think it may have been when the guy in the Civil War getup was assaulting us with his rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, I started to question my judgment in watching this stuff. Then I questioned my sanity. The jury is still out.

I'm feeling especially exhausted tonight.  Also, I'm positive that my life is not long enough for two hours of American Idol. As the years have gone by, I've never gotten over the the embarrassment I feel when these freaks make idiots of themselves. I've even less patience for it right now.

When watching last week's eps, Laura panicked slightly over the new credits. She hates change and new is always bad in her eyes. But the real question here is why is Adam Lambert the only non-winner whose picture appears. It's true. It's all nine winners and Adam Lambert. What is that about?

Then there's the question of Steven Tyler's age. As we were watching him flirt with all the little girls, my husband asked me to look up how old Steven Tyler is now. He's 62, about to be 63 in March. Again, I say, creepy. But my husband pointed out that he's a rock legend, which apparently makes being a creepy old guy who ogles little girls OK.

I'm sure I'm supposed to discuss who sang, what they sang and who I liked best. But you have other blogs for that, written by people who actually care.  Personally, I'd rather give you some of my favorite lines of the night. When that one quasi-rocker-type dude sang (well, he had long hair, isn't that always the sign of a rocker by Idol standards?) and he came out and told everyone, "Jennifer Lopez said I was her favorite so far." Ryan Seacrest asked him, "How about your singing?" I love Ryan. If nothing else, he makes this show watchable.

Another great line was from that big accountant guy, who called himself a big goon as some sort of play on his last name.  When he was entering the room and Ryan had to tell him how to open the door, and then they guy deadpanned, "That's awkward." Now, maybe I didn't hear that right, but I refuse to go back and listen again, cause I hope I did and I live on hope.

My final comments have to be about Steven Tyler being probably the nicest person on that panel. Who knew?  I mean, seriously, he comes across as creepy and lecherous at first glance, but he was clearly the most compassionate. When Randy Jackson briefly turned into Simon Cowell (see, I mentioned him again) and told some guy his audition was a joke, Steven took him to task for it. Then he was so sweet and kind to that last guy's girlfriend who'd been in an accident. (That was such a sad story, wasn't it? I'm guessing he's this year's Danny Gokey, cause why else did  they need him to be there at the beginning of the show.)

Of course, Tyler also had to be sure to get out of his seat to hug on that one rocker-girl who sang Come Together (thereby neatly combining her love of The Beatles and Aerosmith in one song.) I'm pretty sure that puts him right back into the creepy lecherous old man camp.

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