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Friday, January 21, 2011

Idol Continues

Another ep of American Idol to sit through. I could be ironing my husband's shirt right now. Maybe even having oral surgery. But, no, I have to be tortured by bad singing, weird costumes, freaky people and Randy Jackson. Dawg.

Any one have any ideas why Ryan looked so much cuter in the black and white re-takes? Did I miss something? Was that an old clip showing him younger and rounder than now?

So my friend Beau texted me during the show saying that he thinks this is the best season ever. But he's wrong. The best season ever was the first season, when I wasn't watching.

I have so far noticed a lack of people assaulting me through the camera. You know, those failures who are turned away because of their utter suckitude and who don't take it well. They swear and jump around and yell and say stupid things. But now that I think about it, those remarks are usually addressed to Simon and since he's not here...(Note to self: See if it's possible to work Simon Cowell's name into every single post about Idol this year.)

Anyway, not much happened. There was singing and some of it was OK and some was less OK. There was the kid who looks like he's 12. He was decent. If he gets through Hollywood week and they get him a makeover, he could possibly be a Justin Bieber 2.0. Then lots of silly little girls and disgusting old ladies can drool over him.

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