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Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Tell People They're Not Good

Clearly Steven (don't you dare call him Steve) Tyler has never watched American Idol before.  His constant insistence that Randy Jackson be nice to everyone, regardless of how terrible they are, is completely opposite the entire spirit of the early audition phase. Making fun of people is the entire point of the show, isn't it? It's not? Then what have I been watching all these years?

Crazy people who think they're good when they suck aside, I must admit that the show has some touching moments.  The adopted-girl-who-lives-on-a-farm story was so adorable, I literally had tears in my eyes when she auditioned. Plus, I loved her parents.  The best part of the night was when she called home to tell her parents the good news:  "Dad, I'm going to Hollywood!" (pause) "Who's gonna pay your way?"

Come on, tell me you don't love a dad like that.

And what about the shirtless country dude in overalls who sang Josh Groban? I'm not even sure what that's about, but he had pretty eyes and I'm glad Steven Tyler is more of a pushover than I thought he would be.

Of course, Randy and Steven both letting the beauty queen through, when JLo gave her a No, was reminiscent of Simon Cowell and Randy giving Bikini Girl a pass to Hollywood when Kara DioGuardi hated her. Well, I hate her, too, but I disliked Kara even more, so that one was a toss up.

So, we're only four episodes in and I have a terrifying confession to make. Steven Tyler is starting to grow on me.

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