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Friday, April 15, 2011

Casey Abrams is on Twitter...And So Are Those Other People

I just started thinking about popularity and how it relates to Twitter. 

So last night, after American Idol, I went to look at the twitter pages of the top 8.  But what I found out is that the amount of followers an Idol has on Twitter has nothing to do with how many votes they get. 


Here's the list of the Top 8 in order of followers:

Scotty McCreery - @SMcCreeryAI10  86,346 Followers
Casey Abrams - @CAbramsAI10 79,792 Followers
Paul McDonald - @PMcDonaldAI10  71,846 Followers
Lauren Alaina - @LAlainaAI10 68,527 Followers
James Durbin - @JDurbinAI10 58,898 Followers
Stefano Langone - @SLangoneAI10 53,300 Followers
Haley Reinhart - @HReinhartAI10   43,222 Followers
Jacob Lusk - @JLuskAI10 32,981 Followers

I also checked my blog stats last night and found out that other than my posts about bats and rabies, the ones with Casey's name in the title got the most page views.  Hence the post title.

Hey....maybe my next blog title should be "Casey Abrams Doesn't Have Rabies."

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