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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Casey Abrams, A Little More Equal Than Other Men

Songs of the 21st century. American Idol's way of making me detest this season even more than I thought possible. I also heard that the mentor is Bruce Springsteen. Well, that makes a kind of sense that's NOT. Of course, when you stop to think about it, this whole season has made little to no sense, starting with the judges, who have made themselves completely irrelevant. Don't even get me started about Jimmy Iovine.

It actually makes me wonder, if they just left the stand in judges in place for the live show, would anyone even notice?

Um....someone please tell me, what's the point of forcing us to watch all these people that we already voted off the show singing? I mean, we've basically said we don't like them, right? Oh, Idol, why do you insist on wasting my time each and every week with all this silly randomness.  If you want us to see a performance we'd enjoy, why not get Aerosmith? Not only are they more relevant to the 21st century than Bruce Springsteen, they're also actual rock stars.

OK, on to the singing competition part of this singing competition.....

Scotty McCreery: Swingin', Leann Rimes - Oh, look Scotty singing a country song. That's the way to change it up, buddy. No one can get complacent about you now. I just can't say anything about this. I hate it, like I hate all country music and have now come to hate little Scotty.

On a positive note, for the first time this season, I remembered everyone's name without having to look them up.

James Durbin: Uprising, Muse - I had to rewind and listen to his package about five times to figure out what song he was singing. I just kept missing it cause I'm dog sitting for a friend and Missy wanted my attention for some reason. Maybe she doesn't like James either. So, he was energetic, but just because you can scream in a high pitch, that doesn't mean you're a good singer. James does not have good vocals and no amount of screaming will make it so.

Just for comparison, I watched some vids of Aerosmith singing Dream On, from the 70's through 2005. It was always awesome and the screams were interestingly on key.

Haley Reinhart: Rolling in the Deep, Adele - How come Casey didn't give his opinion of Haley, I wonder. As I could have predicted, I haven't recognized one song yet. (I've never even heard of Adele, but don't tell anyone.) That's not always an issue, if the songs are good and they do a good job with them. But to be honest, I'm not sure what I thought of that. It was a little boring.

Oh, sorry, according to JLo, everybody is supposed to know all these songs really well. I guess I'm nobody.

Jacob Lusk: Dance With My Father, Luther Vandross - Jacob kinda lucked out that Luther had a hit in this century, especially one that allowed him to call on the dear Lord. But since I'm being so honest tonight, I just wasn't feeling that. Plus, it didn't make Randy jump up and down, but I would have thought that was a good thing.

Uh....there was a problem with the track? This isn't live music? What am I missing here?

Casey Abrams: Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5 - Casey has flames tonight, so the Idol PTB clearly like him. But so do I. I do like him, too. Another plus, I recognized the song.  But Casey took it to a Casey place, which is exactly what should be happening to every song every week. I'm not saying he has the strongest vocals, cause he clearly doesn't, but he has something else. He makes the songs over into his own version, plus he's interesting and you just don't know what he's going to do next.

But someone please tell me, why does this show always go so completely off the rails whenever Casey sings? Even Ryan seems to have lost his mind.

Of course, suddenly it hits me as to why there's been so much bleeping out of inappropriate language this year. Steven Tyler. I don't know why that didn't occur to me sooner.

Stefano Langone: Closer, Ne-Yo - I  have heard this song before, so that makes three in a row that I actually knew. Sort of. The thing is, there were more background vocals than lead vocal. That's not really a good thing. And when he did sing, it sounded a little nasally to me. As usual, the judges are telling him how amazing he sounded. Why can't they see that when they tell everyone that they sound awesome, it makes no one awesome? Sigh.

Lauren Alaina: Born to Fly, Sara Evans - Once again, she hits all the notes and she's definitely adequate. But I don't get all the hype. Maybe she'll surprise me one week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Before giving my opinion, can I just say that I actually listed these kids in the order they sang. I did! I listed them and they sang in the order I had them listed. How does that even happen?

My B3 is everyone who isn't Casey. But that probably won't happen.

It's probably going to be Stefano, Jacob and Haley. Although I do worry about Casey.

Especially cause I think Vote for the Worst may have chosen Jacob now that Paul McDonald is out of the running. That could skew the vote this week in a bad way.

But seriously if I was picking, Lauren, James and Scotty would be in there, too.

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