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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Guess People Have to Like You For You To Stay On American Idol

Not feeling too well tonight, so  my American Idol recap will be short and sweet.

I didn't start watching until after 8:30 and about two minutes into the show, my mom calls me and I have to yell into the phone, "Don't say a word about American Idol cause I haven't watched it yet."  "Oh," she says, "I thought you were watching it too. I'm crying." How is that not saying anything??

Fast forwarding through everything up to this point, we get to the eliminations.

First up on stage is Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina and Stefano Langone. Well, this kills off my idea that Lauren will be in the bottom three with Stefano, cause I doubt two people from the first group will head to the silver stools. My husband is yelling "fast forward" through all the chatter with Stefano, which I want to, cause he's gonna be gone tonight anyway, so why waste my time with his growth issues.

Lauren is safe. Casey is safe.  Stefano heads to his doom.

CONSTANTINE!!!!!  OK, maybe I just squealed a little. It is good to see that Con is continuing his karaoke career. You know, after Idol (a karaoke contest with people singing old songs) he's been doing Rock of Ages (people singing old song) and now he's releasing two singles, Unchained Melody and 25 or 6 to 4 (two old songs).  Although, it doesn't seem like anyone should sing Unchained Melody on Idol now that Simon is gone.

I wasn't going to watch the Gwen Stefani part, but since my husband has already fallen asleep and since I'm seriously interested in how the girls ended up in such horrific outfits last night, I watched. Not sure I still know what happened, other than the fact that apparently there were no mirrors for them to see themselves in.  Or all three girls and Gwen Stefani just have terrible taste in clothing. Possibly both.

Up next for elimination is Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery and Pia Toscano. Ooh, now here's a twist, cause you know Paul is safe since he went last and Scotty is way too popular (for some completely unknown reason) to be in the bottom 3 yet. So it must be Pia.  Weird. And it is. Paul and Scotty are safe.

Final set of eliminations is with James Durbin, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk. Gotta think it's Jacob, although I guess it could be Haley. I doubt it'll be James. Yes, it's Jacob.

At this point, my sister calls me. Once again I'm holding the phone away from my ear and yelling at it, "Don't say anything, I haven't watched yet and if you say anything, I'll have to kill you. Besides, I already know it's gonna be Stefano."  My sister, "You're gonna die. Just call me when it's over."  How is this not saying anything??? Of course, now I know it must be Pia.

I wanted to fast forward through Iggy Pop, cause his lack of clothing was grossing me out, but my husband woke up and wanted to watch it. (Then he said, "Gross! That's why God created clothes.")  And tell me something, what's with all the bleeped out swearing on Idol this year? I don't remember so much of it in other years.

Now, it's the final elimination....and it's Pia.  OK, that was a surprise. I thought she would sail through to the Top 5 on her good looks alone.  And that's aside from the fact that she's one of the few this season who actually sings every note on key.

I realize that the judges are sad to see her go, but maybe they could have been a little nicer about it so as to not make poor Stefano feel like they wanted him to leave.

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