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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will We Still Love Them Tomorrow?

I don't have to try to remember the kids names tonight on American Idol. Ryan just lined them all up (hopefully in singing order) and named them off for me. Thanks, Ry. Although, to be honest, I probably would have been able to name them myself since there are only six left and I've been watching them sing since January.

OK, now I'm confused, this week is Carole King and Babyface week? How does that work? And why?

So now, on to the singing.....

Jacob Lusk: Oh No, Not My Baby - I don't think I know this song and I've been alive for a long time. How does Jacob know this song? I said I was going to try to pay more attention to what else was happening on the show tonight, and not just listen. But then I took a look at Jacob's outfit. Now I remember why I don't pay attention. I found it all so distracting, the yellow shirt and the blue vest and the purple bow tie and the plaid jacket and what all, that I have no idea what he sounded like. I don't think I liked it.

Lauren Alaina: Where You Lead - Is anyone else getting the feeling that we're being had? I don't buy that all the sudden Lauren doesn't know she can sing. One of the things I've hated the most about her is her insufferable precociousness and ego. She's not unsure of herself, they're just trying to get us to like her better. Maybe they just want me to like her better. It's not happening.

This show is getting so completely staged, it's hard to figure out if anything that happens is actually real anymore. For instance, if they didn't want Jimmy Iovine to say that Alaina was a stronger singer than Miley Cyrus, they would have edited it out. They showed it, therefore, they wanted it in there. How stupid do they think we are??

We have a new category this evening: duets. Clearly, they have to use up this hour and half in some way.

Duet No. 1 - Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart: I Feel The Earth Move - Moanin' was better. But this wasn't terrible. The harmonies were a little weak and the dancing was...well, it just was. I kinda get the feeling that Haley is getting better and Casey is getting worse.

Scotty McCreery: You've Got a Friend - He just proved last week on elimination night that he could sing without the country twang. But this week, he delivers lyrics like "don't you let'em." Sigh. I'm sure his fans will love that, but I still don't get country.

Did JLo just say "for me for you?" I'm sorry, but that's Randy's trademark. You'll have to pay him to use that.

James Durbin: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Um. I kinda sorta think that James just had a moment there. Probably one of the only real moments we've had all of this season. For the very first time, ever, I liked James. If I was making the choices, I'd have had him dial back a little on some of the screams, but I  guess those are what make it his own, which is the whole point.

Duet No. 2 - Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina: Up On The Roof - Seriously, these two singing together? I never would have thought of that, but now that you pointed it out, they seem to go well together. Can they please sing a country song??  Maybe they could be in the Top 2. OK, that was just seriously dull. I think I actually fell asleep.

Casey Abrams: Hi De Ho - OK, Casey does not have the strongest vocals. I think we can all agree on that. But he seriously has something. He's a show man; he just makes it fun and interesting. He entertains. I might even pay to see him. Maybe.

Haley Reinhart: Beautiful - The arrangement of this song was a little weird for me. If I've heard it before, I didn't recognize it from that rendition. Haley was much stronger on the chorus than she was on the verses, and she was better on the duet song than this song, but even so this was still one of the best of the night.

Duet No. 3 - Jacob Lusk and James Durbin: I'm Into Something Good - Sadly for Jacob and James, they are the two left over and are now forced to sing together. That was almost cute. I guess they did take it to church.

My bottom three is Jacob, Alaina and Scotty. I doubt America agrees with me.  But they should.

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