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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eating Out Nightmares

This actually looks better in the picture than it did  live.
I think I may be turning into Gordon Ramsay.

So, last week, I didn't feel like cooking and even though we're broke, we decided to try out a new local restaurant, Milo's. They had recently bought and renovated what used to be a higher end eatery, turning it into more of a family restaurant. The interior was beautiful. It was clear that they had spent some money.

So, anyway, as we're looking at the menu, it seems too long to me, with too many choices. I can literally hear Chef telling them that.  But even with all the choices, I had a hard time picking anything I liked on the menu.  It was a lot of Greek food, which I don't particularly care for, sandwiches and breakfast. I'm not a fan of sandwiches for dinner. I'm not a fan of sandwiches in general and I want real food for my dinner.  Breakfast is actually OK for dinner, but I wasn't in the mood.

I thought my husband would have souvlaki, since he likes that, but he chose something I'd never heard of, called pastitsio. As it turns out, it was probably the most interesting sounding dish on the menu to me, too, so I ordered the same thing. It's a sort of baked Greek lasagna, with long ziti noodles, mixed with ground beef and cheese, and a layer of bechamel sauce on top.

See, now that sounds good, doesn't it?

But what we were served just wasn't that great. For one thing, they had put a sort of raw chunky tomato garlic marinara sauce on it over the bechamel. That was so wrong.

Plus, it came with a side of potatoes. Potatoes with a baked pasta. I chose mashed and they appeared to be instant and sort of brown and overcooked. Seriously, instant mashed potatoes as a side to a baked pasta dish. Maybe it's a Greek thing, but it's still kinda yucky.

I found myself pulling the dish apart. Mushy pasta, raw tasteless sauce, instant mashed potatoes.  I could literally hear Gordon telling the server how awful it was and then tearing the kitchen staff apart with a litany of exactly what was wrong and how they should fix it. I wanted to go help them fix it.

My husband stopped me, which was probably a good idea. Not that I really would have gotten all Gordon Ramsey on them. Maybe just a little. I mean, what harm could it do, cause we won't be going back.

Anyway, the baklava was OK.

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