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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Is and What Should Never Be

I'm not even remotely interested in watching American Idol tonight.

I'm pretty sure it'll be like 70% country music. On the bright side, since I mostly fast-forward through all the country music, the episode will be over quickly.

So tonight they sing three songs, one they pick, one chosen by Jimmy Iovine and one chosen by the judges. But don't worry that the Idols will be able to show any creativity on their own, Beyonce is here to help the kids pick appropriate songs (i.e., those already OK'd by Uncle Nigel).

So Round One is the songs they chose for themselves.

Scotty McCreery: Amazed, Lonestar - My friend Sandy was pointing out some articles today where they are already talking about how Scotty isn't going to be able to sell too many records. That may be true. But I don't think anything can derail the Scotty train on it's way to a confetti shower at the Nokia next week. He's been chosen to win this thing since the beginning, pretty much, and come hell or high water (both of which are apparently on the way this week) he's planning on doing just that.

Lauren Alaina: Wild One, Faith Hill - Oh, I'm supposed to be paying attention and having an opinion, aren't I? I just can't. Lauren always sounds the same to me. Sorta bland and cute and on tune, but not original or interesting.

Haley Reinhart: What Is and What Should Never Be, Led Zeppelin  - The first song I know and like. Not sure how I feel about Haley singing it, but still a great song. And decidedly not country. Oh, no!!  She fell......I was just admiring how she was running around, singing all those words and not losing her breath or sounding rushed....and then, oops!!  But she recovered fine and kept going. Hopefully, that gets her the sympathy vote. In any case, that was good. It started out a little unsure of itself, but once she got going, she did a great job.

Round Two is Jimmy Iovine's picks.

Scotty McCreery: Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not, Thompson Square - Um, are they any relation to the Thompson Twins? And when did Jimmy become such a name dropper? Apparently, he doesn't realize that Randy Jackson has the corner on all name dropping.

Lauren Alaina: If I Die Young, The Band Perry -  So we just heard Lauren singing an Aerosmith song at her audition and sound about a thousand times better than she has since. Why all the country music, why not do something like she did in her audition? I have to admit that she did sound pretty good on this song, right up to the point where she missed a couple of notes and didn't quite take the key change like she should have. But, overall, it wasn't bad.  I almost liked her.

Haley Reinhart: Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac - This song feels kinda played out to me.  Didn't someone already sing it this year? I'm too lazy to go back and check, but I think someone did. Or was that on Glee?  Whatever. If I wanted Haley to sing a Stevie Nicks song, I would not have chosen this one, cause there's no real hook and it'll be hard to have a moment. That wasn't bad or anything, but it was just sorta OK. I am noticing that the judges people behind the table don't dare be too critical of her. Look what happened last time they lambasted her, she's still here two weeks later.

Well, if Haley took Round One, thanks to Jimmy's picks, Scotty took Round Two.

For Round Three the judges people behind the table choose a song for each kid.

Scotty McCreery: She Believes In Me, Kenny Rogers - I like this song. Yes, I know, it's a country song and all that, but I have no argument with Kenny Rogers. He may be country, but he's from my decade and he makes me feel all nostalgic. Can someone please tell me why country people sing songs with an accent? I mean, think about it, even Brits sing with no accent, but every hick singer south of Pennsylvania has a twang. I don't get it. I didn't hate Scotty, but I do wish he would have dialed back on that accent. 

Lauren Alaina: I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack - Wasn't this song already done, too? OK, so no one is going to make one of the two country kids sing outside of their comfort zone.  I'm glad we've established that. In any case, Lauren's not having a moment here and she should have at least tried. Being cute is just not enough, little Lauren. Nor is a bad spray on tan or sparkley legs.  This may be her last shot on the Idol stage and she just didn't do anything special at all. 

Haley Reinhart: You Oughta Know, Alanis Morrisette  - Please note that we get to see both Lauren and Scotty in a large group of people getting their song text. Haley is all alone in a car. Someone sang this at the finale last year with Alanis, didn't they?  See, I almost remember these things, but then I don't care enough to look them up and be sure. The verses sounded  like they were a little low for Haley's range, but the chorus was amazing. She kicked that one in the butt.

Haley gets my vote for this round, too. Maybe a tie between her and Scotty.

If everyone else is hearing what I'm  hearing, it's not looking good for little Lauren. But since America is deeply stupid and has crap taste in music and probably wants an all country finale, I'm most likely wrong. 

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